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Brankov have completed a working version of the system. An introductory paper [1], presented at a conference in , appeared only in Combinatorial optimization, a long term area of investigation within this project, was present in by an interdisciplinary study [2]. It is known that graph invariants, which contain a great quantity of information on graph structure for example, spectral invariants , are obtained by solving some extremal problems on graphs.

Recently, such highly informative graph invariants are applied in solving optimization problems on graphs e. Using these paradigms, several relations, interconnections and interactions between graph theory and mathematical programming are described the study [2]. A model of TSP based on semidefinite programming and algebraic connectivity of graphs is described. A class of relaxations of this TSP model is defined and some solution techniques based on this class are proposed.

Several examples of graph invariants defined by some kind of optimization tasks are also presented. Using several spectrally based graph invariants the graph isomorphism problem is treated. A strategy for the parallelization of the variable neighborhood search heuristics to solve multiprocessor sheduling problem with communications delays is presented in [3]. The main goal is to speed up the executions by engaging several processors.

It is possible to improve the quality of the solution by spreading up the search towards the different regions of the solution space. Stevanovic D. Rendiconti Sem. Messina, Ser. II, 9, No. Cvetkovic D. Several analytic methods were used, such as contemporary integral transforms, complex integration, methods of the spectral theory of the non-Euclidean Laplacian, as well as some elementary techniques.

The work [2] belongs to the spectral theory of the non-Euclidean Laplacian, and the theory of the Riemann zeta-function. In [3] the author gives asymptotic formulas for several classes of arithmetic fucntions connected to a special integral convolution. The main effort during this year has been directed toward the finishing and publishing the monograph whose title is given below.

Also the research has been undertaken to find a corresponding variational principle of the Hamilton type, suitable for describing unsteady, nonlinear heat transfer phenomena in canonical form. Birkhauser, Boston, Basel, Berlin, p.

They are related to generalized function algebras and equations with singularities or, more precisely, to generalized quasiasymptotics. Characterizations of solutions of equations of Volterra type, their behaviour at zero and at infinity are given. Novi Sad Journal of Mathematics, 33 1 , Delcroix, M.

Hasler, J. Marti, V. Valmorin, Cambridge Sci. A general additivity theorem for the so-called correlation information of a composite N-subsystem system was proved. A sufficient condition was given for saturation in strong subadditivity of entropy of a 3-subsystem composite system.

Compatibility of different quantum state assignments was studied as well as improvement of each of them utilizing the information from the rest. Herbut F. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, 37, One task that was worked on in was that of the initialization of the model for weather prediction purposes, using a modified form of the so-called super-Matsuno scheme.

Initialization results arrived at were compared with those obtained using a standard digital filtering scheme. Comparison results showed that both schemes worked well, with little difference between them. Another subproject addressed the effects of the release of contaminants into the atmosphere above Serbia. Transport of Saharan dust into the region of and around Serbia has been studied.

A manuscript on the subject has been published in Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics Springer. Research Activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling, 34, 3. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. Research Activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling, 34, 5. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 85, The work on validation and further improvements of the model, preprocessing, postprocessing and computer graphics systems continued in The 23 emphasis was placed on the parameterizations of physical processes.

The Betts-Miller-Janjic convection scheme was upgraded by taking into account the entrainment of the ambient air in the search for cloud top. The preprocessing system was revised. The theoretical paper by Milivoj Gavrilov Ph. Gavrilov M. Monthly Weather Review, 6 , — Janjic Z. Xue Y. The analysis of the reliability of maximum Lyapunov Characteristic Exponents, derived from numerical integrations over finite intervals of time and used as indicators of the stability of motion of asteroids, has been repeated on an enlarged sample of 50, orbits.

We have also completed the development of the algorithm for the determination of the asteroid preliminary orbits, based on the combination of the constraints accounting for the character of the motion, and of an optimal triangulation of the admissible region. We are continuing with the study of conditions for the application of the Nekhoroshev theorem to real dynamical systems; partly completed in terms of the fulfillment of the 3-jet condition is the mapping of the phase space of orbital elements in the region of Veritas asteroid family.

The results confirm the previous findings, based on the results from and transits, that there is a significant discrepancy between the ephemeris and derived UTC values. We are continuing with measurements and preliminary reduction of the CCD images of the transit of Venus of June 8, By improving our original code for the cross-identification of point sources stars appearing in various catalogues, we investigated the possibility of extension of the International Celestial Reference Frame ICRF to the stars observed in different wavelength.

We also continued study of the possibilities for observation of latitude stars in the zenith region by means of the CCD camera; so far obtained results are of satisfactory accuracy. Program and Abstracts, 30— Milani A. I Admissible Regions.

In order to assess possibilities and drawbacks of reviewed techniques some of them are used to diagnose low-pressure and atmospheric pressure microwave induced plasma. Difficulties and advantages of applied techniques are demonstrated.

Directions of future research in the development of low electron density diagnostic techniques and improvements of the existing ones are also pointed out. Results of a hydrogen Balmer line-shape study on microwave-induced plasma discharges operated with pure hydrogen and with argon—hydrogen or helium—hydrogen mixtures are reported. Plasma is generated in a rectangular or coaxial microwave cavity in two separate experiments. In both cases, the emission profiles of the Balmer lines did not show excessive broadening as reported by Mills et al.

Shapes of line intensity Z-dependences suggest that, apart from electron impacts, line excitation is related also to the back-scattering of fast hydrogen atoms from cathode and sputtering yield of cathode material. The excitation of H 2 molecular bands is not sensitive to these cathode processes.

Spectrochimica Acta B, 59, Journal of Applied Physics, 95, European Physics Journal D, 28, Grozdanov, N. Constrains imposed by Affine and General Coordinate Transformations symmetry groups are analyzed. An explicit construction is carried out in the 3D case by embedding the commutation relations required by covariance into the SL 4,R algebra.

The infinite matrix realization of the wave equation vector operator is obtained by decomposing the unitary spinorial infinite-dimensional SL 4,R representations. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 21, Studies on the influence of inorganic and organic Se on the quality and interrelationships of major- and trace elements in plants, animals and humans was continued. Obtained data show that tolerance to oxidative stress depends on the existing elemental status and antioxidative defence.

Supplementation of Japanese quail feed with organic Se showed an improvement of egg and meat nutritional qualities. In these products, increased Se and omega-3 fatty acids content was achieved. New results were obtained on the content of Se and other trace elements in the rat pineal gland. Investigations on patients with colorectal cancer showed that Se and its enzymes plays a key role in the prevention and postoperative course of the disease.

Analysis of scalp hair obtained in from our population, showed a deficiency of Se and I, as well as Zn, Co and other elements. The influence of seasonal variations winter and spring was tested on the activity of protection system enzymes from oxidative damage in the liver and the muscle of grey mullet Liza ramada Risso that was collected in the port of Bar. Obtained results show that the climate changes have effect on the organization of the protection system from oxidation damages in the liver of this species.

Oxidation damages protection enzymes were tested, total glutation and vitamin C in the units of corn-borer Ostrinia nubilalis that are not in diapause, and those that are in diapause, as in pupas developed from the previous two groups. In two periods during diapauses November and February among three groups of insects the activity of the key antioxidant system enzymes and hexose-monophosphate shunt was measured. Demajo M. I, II, Garban, P. Dragan et al.

VI, Iugoslave Physiologica Pharmacologica Acta, , 39 3 , Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine, Vol. Csar et al. Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology. Jozanov-Stankov O. Cryo Letters 25, Jugoslovenska Medicinska Biohemija 23, European Journal of Entomology, , Nine species of the family Rhinolophidae and Vespertilionidae were determined.

Fieldwork is almost done, thin sections are made and also some X-Ray Fluorescence chemical analyses are already done in Germany. For highly organized systems, we show that dipole and quadrupole interactions of long range are of high importance. The analysis is extended to some theoretical considerations of conformational scaling factors and fracton movements as fundament for understanding enzyme catalysis mechanisms in general.

The conformational dynamical adaptability of smart polymer biomaterials is pronounced in terms of scaling of dynamical spectra for some enzymes. Results and experiences of long-term scientific investigations focused on the catalysts applied in local industry are summarized. Putanov P.

Kerner were measured. Intensities were corrected on absorption and Lorenz—polarization factor. Ribar B. These calculations have made it possible to explain some controversial experimental results. Journal of Chemical Physics, , Chemical Physics Letters, , Molecular Physics, , All isolated flavonoids were also reported from the leaf exudate of A.

Most of the lactones isolated from our sample have already been found in various Acillea species, but neither of them has been detected in A. The structures of known compounds were confirmed by comparing their spectral data to those in the literature. Acta Biologica Yugoslavica, serija B Mikrobiologija, 40 Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, 69 , Golovko A. Petroleum Chemistry Neftehimiya , 44 4 , Bajc S.

Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, 69 11 , Obtained tetraoxanes showed pronounced antimalarial activity against P. The antiproliferative tests revealed the low cytotoxicity of our compounds. Opsenica I. Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, 69, It was established that most of the compounds covalently modify this enzyme, resulting in dimerisation. Investigations of the modification of the glycolytic enzyme hexokinase are underway. I, GT-P , Belgrade.

Here we mention only those results that have been published in or in late The papers 4,10,16,22,26,27,28,32,33,40,43 are concerned with the study of graph invariants based on distance ordinary or resistance , that are used for describing physico-chemical characteristics of organic compounds. Related are also the papers 18,23,24,42, dealing with equiseparability. Other, chemically relevant graph invariants were also studied 12,15,19, We obtained our first results on algebraic Kekule structures 1 as well as on the distribution of electrons deduced from them 6,9,11,25, Some other results on the theory of benzenoid compounds were also obtained 5,8,11,14, We studied certain molecular-orbital quantities, connected to graph spectra: total pi-electron energy 7,29,34,38,39,41 , and number of non-bonding molecular orbitals 3,13, Some researches are of purely mathematical character and are concerned with Laplacian spectral theory 17,27,36, Paper 2 is on chirality, paper 31 reports some quantum-chemical calculations, and paper 35 is the inaugural lecture of Ivan Gutman, published with a delay of 6 years.

Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 44, Aires-de-Sousa J. Zhou B. Salem K. Journal of Molecular Structure Theochem , , Morikawa T. Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 77, Xiao W. Cash G. Miljkovic O. Das K. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, 25, Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and Applications, 40, Vukicevic D.

Journal of Computer Chemistry Japan, 3, Indian Journal of Chemistry, 43A, Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, 68, Brankov V. Markovic Z. Croatica Chemica Acta, 77, Bulletin of the Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia, 22, Ramane H. Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics, 26, Baralic Dj.

Kragujevac Journal of Science, 26, Organic Letters, , Maslak V. Tetrahedron, 60, Tetrahedron Letters, 45, Synthesis, , Organic Syntheses, 81, The results show that IBAT of thyroidectomized cold exposed rats are incapable of responding to enhanced thermogenic needs despite the increased sympathetic nervous system activity and thyroid hormone substitution. Extreme environmental temperatures caused stressor-specific changes in the hypothalamic and hippocampal MAO and antioxidative enzymes activities, being dependent on the stressor applied cold or heat but not on the brain region studied the hypothalamus or hippocampus.

Our future work will focus on the experiments which we started this year dealing with changes in the activity of MAO and antioxidative enzymes in brown adipose tissue of spontaneously hypertensive rats exposed to extreme environmental conditions. The changes in these parameters were compared to Wistar controls. Both experimental groups were first exposed to chronic stress 21 days and than to acute novel stressors 3 hours. The hormone analysis, as the measure of stress intensity, was performed too ACTH and corticosterone.

The aim of these experiments is to investigate whether there are the differences in the response of spontaneously hypertensive rats to stress as compared to Wistar controls, are there the differences in responses to chronic stress in comparison to acute stress and if there is a specific reaction to various stressors immobilization as strong psychosocial and cold as physical one.

The main goal of the studies is the role of catecholamines in these processes with special emphasis on the role of their degrading enzyme MAO. Journal of Thermal Biology, 29, Out of possible combinations of these chromosomes, only 37 genotypes are determined. The samples in following years approached again the sittuation from , when MN-test in newborns was primarily proceeded. Ekologia, No. Russian Journal of Ecology, 35 6 , Hereditas, , Used in this project are several groups of inbred lines.

In growing season , diallel crosses were made within this group. Diallel crosses among these lines were made during the growing season. These lines too were subjected to diallel crosses in the growing season of Since September , backcrosses are being made in the greenhouse with both parents F 1 BCp 1 , F 1 BCp 2 and the F 2 combinations are being obtained. The process will be complete by the end of the year.

After the harvest, detailed analysis of the higher fatty acid and tocopherol compositions will be performed and the results will be published in scientific papers. Hladni N. Helia, 27 40 , Znanstveni skup hrvatskih agronoma, Proceedings, Februar , , Also, daily dynamics of changes of gene arrangements frequencies morning-noon-evening in D.

A significant cyclic variability of gene arrangements on chromosomes I and U was observed. Effects of some types of genomic stress were monitored at the level of fluctuating asymmetry FA , as well as developmental stabilities in some Drosophila species. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, 42 3 , Here we showed that exposure of the bean weevil Acanthoscelides obtectus to a mild heat shock, which induce Hsp70 expression, did slightly increases adult longevity.

However, the cost of Hsp70 expression have also been shown with regard to preadult fitness components preadult developmental time and survival. Thus, evolutionary and ecological importance of inducible Hsp 70 depends on the balance between benefits and costs. Evolutionary Ecology, 18, Certain number of members and associates of the Committee has been involved during , in the projects which are directly or indirectly related to the study of animal world of Serbia and Montenegro, and which has been financed by The Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia.

Iglika Nedeva, Ph. The project is based on cooperation between Serbian and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Iglika Nedeva Ph. Occurrence of parasites investigated in 25 samples of fish that belong to family of Siluridae, Cyprinidae, Percidae, Gobidae and Sygnathidae. The determination of obtained parasites was performed during The work on parasites and comparison of data from Bulgarian and Serbian scientists is still in processing.

Adult trematode lives in intestine of piscivorous birds and mammals and also may appear as human parasite helminth zoonosis. This is the first finding of this parasite for Serbian helminthofauna. Muscle, liver and kidney offish were sampled for heavy metal analyses. These materials are still in processing at Institute for Experimental Pathology and Parasitology Bulgaria.

Besides fish parasites analysis investigations, morphometric analysis were involved, as well as blood smears analysis of sterlet Acipenser ruthenus L. Samples of barbel Barbus barbus were collected during September and November on the Danube near Smederevo. It is well known that this species is a carrier of a high number of Acantocephala, especially Pomphorhinchus laevis. Determination of heavy metals and DNA analysis of this parasite will be also performed. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, 58, Journal of Fish Biology, 65, Hydrobiologia, 1 , Lenhardt M.

In: Otterstad Oddmund Edit. Methods for automatic analysis for studying the microstructure of sintered ceramic samples were also developed. Photoacoustic spectroscopy was used to study thermal diffusivity that increases with the density of samples during the sintering procedure. Reaction sintering of the Co 70 Fe 5 Si 10 B 15 amorphous alloy and amorphous powder of the Ni 55 Co 45 system was investigated.

Science of Sintering, 36 2 , It was found that in the medium values of pH the undissociated acid molecules participate as hydrogen donors. The effect of the potential of deposition and electrode rotation rate on current efficiency and partial current density of nickel deposition from ammoniacitrate electrolyte without and with tungstate ions was investigated. Partial current densities of tungsten and nickel deposition were calculated from experimental results and compared with those in direct current dc deposition at the same average current density, as well as with those calculated using theoretical equations for the pulse current pc deposition process controlled by mass transport.

That confirms that the tungsten deposition process is controlled by mass transport. Dependences of the partial current densities of nickel deposition on the rotation rate as well as on the pc variables frequency and pause to pulse ratio were attributed to changes in surface concentration of ammonia and the pH.

Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 40 10 , A similar reaction mechanism with the CrOH species as an intermediate was proposed in which the reactants are water molecules and hydrogen ions, without any influence of the electrode potential. Corrosion, 60, Part II. Electrochimica Acta, 49, Synthesis and characterization of thermal diffusivity of NiO has been studied. Optical properties of these materials in far infrared ranges were investigated in Thessaloniki in cooperation with Prof.

Paraskevopoulos and in the Max Planck Institute in cooperation with Dr. Kuhl and W. Journal of optoelectronics and advanced materials, 6 3 , Kanazir The antioxidant enzymes are maintaining free radicals on the physiological level and represent very important protectors of cell homeostasis. Our conclusions are dedicated to free radicals, factors that cause oxidative stress, and their role in pathophysiology of some cardiovascular diseases, including atherosclerosis, hypertension, angina pectoris and myocardial infraction.

The major aim of the study is to describe and better explain the molecular mechanisms underlying stress induced diseases in tissues. In the first part of this study reactive oxygen species ROS , as well as the basic components of antioxidative protection system and its importance in elimination of ROS were described. Reactive species of nitrogen are also described.

In the work No. Hematological parameters, the number of erythrocytes, concentration of hemoglobin and haematocrit value after cadmium treatment were significantly decreased. Cadmium also increases concentration of lipid peroxide as well as the concentrations of reduced glutation and vitamins C and E.

CuZn SOD causes dose addiction synthesis and piling of melanin in cells that grew in medium that did not contain beef fetal serum. The levels of all glycolytic intermediaries induce stimulation of the 49 activity of hexokinase-fructozo-kinase, glyceraldehyde, 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, as well as pyruvate kinase in the presence of SNP.

In erythrocytes NTG does not increase concentration of reactive species of nitrogen, while in reticylocytes it leads to the increase of nitrates and 3-nitrosotyrosine. These increases are followed by strong oxidative damages in cells, increased lipid peroxidation as well as increased concentration of hemoglobin and Heinz corpuscule.

Iugoslave Physiologica Pharmacologica Acta, 40, 1— Iugoslave Physiologica Pharmacologica Acta, 40, 37— Iugoslave Physiologica Pharmacologica Acta, 40, Iugoslave Physiologica Pharmacologica Acta, 40, — Physiological Research, 53, The first stage of research referred to the investigation on induction of programmed apoptosis in animal model of Parkinson Disease PD.

On such a model induction of apoptosis was tested, i. The second stage of the research was considering the expression of synuclein in human evolution. Being completely unknown the cellular function of alpha synuclein in our research the expression of this gene was examined by comparative method and by rat prenatal and post-natal development. Experiments were done not only on the brain, where expression of this protein is the most intensive but also in organs such as the kidneys, liver, lungs, heart etc.

Third stage of the research referred on investigation of anti-tumorous effects of nucleoside analogues with the aim of studying of molecular mechanisms of these materials. It was shown that purine analogues, like sulfinozin and 8-Cl-cAMP, significantly inhibit growth of tumor cells in human glioma and neuroblastoma cell lines.

In the course of investigations on glial cell response, astrocytes and olygodendrocytes on the injuries of brain were continued. Concerning that these cells participate in the forming of glial scars which represents a barrier for the growth of neuritis, the main goal of this investigation is the identification of a substance that could postpone this process and in that way create conditions for better recovery after brain injuries.

With the use of ribavirin, a purine nucleoside analogue the number of astrocytes and olygodendrocytes progenitor cells was reduced after mechanical and chemical brain damages, which lead to postponement of forming glial scar. Results of these investigations are patented. The second stage of this investigation refers to finding the solution of prevention and therapeutics of experimental autoimmune enchephalomyelitis EAE , of the animal model of multiplex sclerosis.

Previous researches have shown the important role of ribavirin in prevention and in decreasing symptoms of disease on experimental animals, which effects inhibition IMPDH, of enzymes that take place in de novo synthesis of guanine nucleosides. Starting from the fact that this enzyme allows and has place for the effect of other nucleoside analogue — tiazofurin, we have researched the combined effect of both nucleosides on development of EAE.

Results show that both substances effect synergistically and that both show not only protective but also a significant therapeutical effect from the first symptoms athony of muscles as well as with the case of paresis. Due to this effect on EAE combined therapy with ribavirin and tiazofurin was registered as a patent. Experiments were conducted on the established epithelial monolayer, on the eight day after the cells were sowed on porous inserts, at what they separated two compartments apical - which responds to the compartments of cerebrospinal fluid in vivo and basal - which responds to the compartment of plasma in vivo.

Brain Research, 2 , Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 77, Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, 22, Journal of Neurochemistry, 90 2 , Cell Mol Neurobiol. Yugoslav Medical Biochemistry, 23 1 , Stojkov D. Lavrnja I. Bjelobaba I. Symposium Nucleosides, nucleotides and their analogues in biomedical investigations, Serbian Academy od Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, April , , Abstract book, Investigations that refer on various elements whose influence has effect on the success of the fetus implantation were continued.

Disorder effects of implantations, which can be clinically manifested in various ways — biochemical pregnancies and spontaneous miscarriages, premature deliveries, intrauterine slowdown of development and pre-eclampsia were analyzed. The understandings of physiological mechanisms of regulation, as well as that of clinical implications of implantation disorders, have a significant meaning in contemporary feta-maternal medicine.

New techniques such as MR and 4D ultrasound for the study of fetal disorders were researched. The following activities were focused on the development of new surgical, endoscopical and minimal invasive techniques in determining and monitoring of the disorders in the uterus. The conditions which enable longer development of humane embryo in in vitro conditions until blastocyste stadium were investigated.

Concerning this regularity of the humane embryo development in its dependence to the way of ovulation stimulation, way of insemination and other conditions were followed-up. Within the basic research on the embryonic development the possibility of in vitro maturing of oocyte was perceived.

Molecular regulators of embryonic development were also followed-up. Receptive role of endometrium as a precondition for a successfully conducted assisted reproduction was studied. Special attention was devoted on the vertical transmission of the HIV infection from mother to the fetus. We compared our previously acquired knowledge and experience to the latest information coming from appropriate medical literature.

In patients that have chronic renal insufficiency with a very clear parenteral anemic syndrome giving of erythropoetin more frequently in smaller dosages had a greater and longer lasting effect than when it was given in larger dosages, but less frequently than in smaller dosages.

This is of great importance in clinical treatment of more serious types of secondary anemia. The most important part of the research referred to the effect of insulin and glucagon on the renal and extrarenal metabolism of electrolytes, as well as their correlation with occurrence of hypertension, particularly in patients that suffer from diabetes mellitus in which initial or evident renal insufficiency exists.

Current results point out that mutual effect is strongly stressed with increased or decreased concentration in the serum of insulin and glucagon. Besides that, investigations of the proinflammatory cytokine effect in pathogenesis of glomerulopathy were done. The results of the investigations that were done so far showed significant influence on the evolution of glomerulonephropathy. This is very important concerning therapeutic measures that are applied especially in the early phase of the disease and in treating young people.

It was also shown that using additional reflecting surfaces placed around the converter at an optimal angle this amount of energy can be up to eight times larger. A pilot converter was built capable of motion in two perpendicular directions. Thus, it could cover all the angles necessary to track the sun by the elevation and the azimuth. The pilot converter as well as a fixed one of the same dimensions were placed on a roof inclined at 35 o.

A wreath of reflectors was mounted on the pilot collector. Measurements of solar power received by the collector with the reflectors were made and compared with power received by the fixed collector. Three factors limit the competitive capacity of converters placed on suntracking carriers as oposed to the classical converters. Those are: a higher cost of its production, b poorer mechanical stability at high winds and c diffuse skylight energy adding up to the energy of direct sunlight.

This contribution considers possible constructions which can eliminate the first two of those factors, i. Complete paper is included in the Congress CD. Pucar Lj. YU — Patent No. Also, investigations on thermal diffusivity and electric parameters of superconducting coils by photo-acoustic method were continued. Press preparation of the manuscript for the publication of X volume was done.

In the course of this year, it was worked on the conception and work-plan for this project. Work was done on the compilation of lists naming the scientific institutions that have to be covered by historical material. Contact was made with 57 faculties and certain scientific institutions, which are currently forming teams for the collection and data processing of these materials.

The programme of the seminar encompassed: 1. Positive results were ascribed to the scientific strategy of catalysis development; negative experiences were attributed to departures from this strategy. The conclusions dealt with the perspectives of further development of catalysis in the country. The scientific programme devoted to new catalytic systems included 15 lectures. New catalysts and new technologies were presented by representatives from major international companies.

The lectures and presentations of catalysts producers will be published in a monograph. Antifouling activity of avarol, avarone and their derivatives was examined with different organisms in sea water. Pronounced effects were established on the tropical larvae Balanus amphitrite. For comparison, biologically active complexes as potential antifouling agents, were synthesised and characterised.

Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, 69 8—9 , — Gerasimov In the first year of this study the informations are collected about the threatened species of fishes of economic and ecological importance, with which appropriate methodologies will be developed to grow them in reproductive systems of aquaculture. Preliminary studies, primarily in sterlet Acipenser ruthenus L.

From the aerial parts of the examined species belonging to Asteraceae, several sesquiterpene lactones guaianolides and germacranolides [1, 2, 6], tetrahydrofuran-type sequiterpene lactones davanones [3], flavonoids and lignans [2] were isolated. The isolation of a new class of guaianolides, named amphoricarpolides, from Amphoricarpos neumayeri could be helpful for a better taxonomic definition of this genus.

It was also shown that the aerial parts of Centaurea affinis, containing a relatively high level of germacranolide cnicin 0. In the aerial parts and roots of the endemic species Gentiana dinarica three classes of compounds of chemotaxonomic significance, such as secoiridoids, C-glucoflavons and xanthones [5], were identified. In addition, these groups of compounds usually exhibit various biological activities. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 32, Structural Chemistry, 15, Phytochemistry, 62, Experimental and theoretical investigation of the stability and ultimate load is carried out.

Research includes problems of the impact and the noise - structure borne sound and bridges as its source. Research is continued on all subprojects. The results are presented at the international and domestic conferences and in the international journal. Hajdin N. Jensen J. Kounadis, C. Providakis, G. Hajdin R. Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 60 , The study and search for possibilities to apply ship electrical drive on inland waterway vessels were continued and some results were published.

The functioning of the active cathode protection system against corrosion on ships and metal structures in river and sea water was observed. After a number of years of work and testing of the slipway for launching and pulling out ships in the shipyard Beograd, some real life test results were published in a foreign journal.

The collaborators of the department took part in restoration of the Monastery Chilandar on reconstruction and electrification of the Treasury. Beside that they took part in analyzing the functioning of monastery energy supply.

A general solution was made of diesel-electric drive for a 60 passenger tourist boat for Djerdap. A general solution was made to reconstruct a Ro-Ro ship Lajkovac into a passenger river transport ship. Besides, the work was continued on theoretical calculations of catamaran container and Ro-Ro ships.

The goal of work on the project Study of modern way of building vessels is studying of building of river and sea going ships. The existing system for unloading of gravel was studied for the Dredging and Shipping Company. The problems were spotted and a modern solution was suggested for Gruzanka elevator, the reconstruction will be done next year. The work was continued on the information system for supervising the function of all relevant systems on a vessel.

An analysis of ship structure was done with concentrated load of grabber and a solution was made to strengthen the structure in order to distribute the load more evenly. Shipbuilding, Zagreb, god. Scientific Technical Review, Beograd, It has been shown that sintering of real materials occurs in two stages.

Kinetics of the sintering process of NiO was investigated using photoacoustic spectroscopy. Analysis of results obtained shows that the sintering process of NiO occurs as transport of activated volume. The possibility of synthesis of zinc-metatitanate ZnTiO 3 during mechanical activation of a mixture of ZnO and TiO 2 oxides has been investigated.

Pressing and sintering of silicate ceramic materials was investigated. It was established that the particle morphology of the ceramic granulate has a dominant influence on segregation in the starting pressing phase further influencing the sintering process. Raman and infrared spectroscopy methods were used to establish that all dominant modes could be linked with aluminum and silica. All modes on spectra show significant frequency transitions as a function of activation time.

Science of Sintering, 36 3 , Journal of Materials Science, 39, NTC sensors for measurement of air flow were made and their characteristics were determined. In cooperation with Prof. Photo-acoustic properties of semiconducting superlattices were investigated in cooperation with M. Henini Department of Physics, Nothingam, England. Microelectronics International, 21 1 , The theory of the operation was developed and apparatus made.

The results are discussed with the experts of the Bureau International des Poids et Mesure Sevre, Paris and article printed in the journal Metrologia, December Generalization of this procedure and its further applications in mechanics are expanded by elaborating on large complex structures of architectural, civil and mechanical engineerings. The object of research in was to generalize formulation by the group supermatrix procedure for derivation of stiffness matrices of finite elements with no symmetry properties.

The group supermatrix procedure introduces monomial shape functions in G-invariant subspaces, as well as nodal coordinates, Jacobians and matrix expressions pertaining to particular subspaces. Decomposition of the spaces of quadrilateral and hexahedral elements into four and eight G-invariant subspaces respectively is accomplished after the isoparametric transformation of the initial elements without symmetry properties into four rectangles and eight rectangular hexahedral elements.

The computing of stiffness matrices of these elements by the group supermatrix procedure is programmed in Mathcad and in KOMIPS programs. In comparison with the conventional derivation and computation of stiffness matrices of these elements, the group supermatrix procedure provides substantial reductions in the amount of formulation and calculation, because it formulates monomial instead of polynomial shape functions, shorter expressions and much smaller matrices.

Group theoretical formulation of quadrilateral and hexahedral isoparametric finite elements. It was shown that surface modification of steel surface has great effect on electrochemical and sorption characteristics, as well on the thermical stability of epoxide layers. Bajat J. Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, 69 10 , A relationship was established between the degree of anthropomorphism and the number of D OF s.

In this way, essential information was obtained as to the necessary number of D OF s that would lead to a satisfactory degree of anthropomorphism of humanoid robots. A necessary attention was paid to the choice of those D OF s that yield most effective results in respect of stabilization of the dynamic regime of humanoid robots.

In addition, gait parameterization was carried out in respect of the speed and step length, by which the delicate problem of the artificial gait synthesis was rounded off, both of the regular stationary motion and the humanoid motion in a wider sense dynamic balance in some characteristic manipulation-locomotion movements of humanoids. International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, 1 1 , Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 40 4 , Robotica, 22, International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, 2 1 , In the frame of turbulent fluid flow the improvement of methods for calculation of turbulent diffusers, as well as development of the first domestic piezoelectric sonde for a measurement in turbulent fluid flow were done.

A method of generalized similarity was applied for the calculation of the laminar temperature boundary layer on rotated bodies. The influence of injection of air during the fluidization process was researched. Modeling of the border condition of gas sliding on a channel wall by the fraction derivative was done.

FME Transactions, 32 1 , Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 30 4 , Besides, the consequences of the non adequate systems of foundations have been elaborated for those structures industrial constructions, multistory buildings, bridges , where the results of field and laboratory investigations were available. In the analyses of failed or damaged structures the results of a long term observation of soil-structure system behaviour were also used.

The measurements of deformations in the majority of cases have been made in standard exploitation conditions. However, in some cases the effect of seismic forces has also been considered. The obtained results of the performed field and laboratory tests, as well as the results of detailed geostatic analyses are published in the monograph Errors in foundations on pages.

Line-scan thermal images IRLS exhibit a high degree of spacial redundancy that enables efficient compression schemes. The efficiency of a transform coder is determined both by the characteristics of the input IR data and by the capability of the coding algorithms.

In this work earlier developed adaptive IRLS image coding, based on decrete wavelet transform and spatial image segmentation along the line-scan direction, is further improved by terrain-adaptive segmentation along the flight direction and by optimized JPEG encoding parameters. Research is continued and is a part of Ph. Future work is planned to improve improvements of IRLS coding efficiency by decreasing computational complexity of proposed optimization algorithms. Milovanovic D. Also the goal is to provide critically evaluated data for plasma models, cross sections and rate coefficients in particular.

Numerical studies of Townsend discharges were focused on Volt-Ampere characteristics od discharges in spherical and cylindrical geometries. A related field was also opened and that is modelling of the kinetics of particles in the sheath regions of a spherical prticle floating in plasma.

Monte Carlo codes for electron, ion and fast neutral transport are being developed and in detailed testing of generic codes was performed together with the inclusion of a detailed representation of temperature effects on ion transport. Data calculated for fluorocarbons and benchmarks for plasma models in micro and nano electronics were discussed at a Fluorocarbon symposium in France.

Work on deriving data and testing it by comparisons with experiments has continued by studies of electron scattering on HBr and fast neutral scattering on Ne and He. Modeling fast neutral sources from collisional plasmas was extended by making calculations for ion neutralization on metallic surfaces at a grazing incidence.

Materials Sci. Forum, , Elena Atanasova Ph. The following topics were investigated: - Characteristics of oxide nanolayers near the oxide-semiconductor surface in power VDMOS transistors by tension of oxide of gate using power electric fields, ionizing radiation and high temperature heating. Stojadinovic N. Djoric-Veljkovic S. Kouvatsos D. Microelectronics Reliability, 44, Exarchos M. Annales Thoracic Surgery, 78, Kanjuh V.

Atherosclerosis, 5 1 , Supplement, Bukarica L. Abstract WO1. Atherosclerosis, 5 1 , Supplement, 6—7. Vojislav K. The winner of the Karic Brothers Award in in the field of science and research work. Srpski i engleski tekst, Urednik Editor in chief J. Premalignant changes on the cervix uterus were not detected in a sufficient extent, which is the basis of preventive in gynecological oncology.

Because of that there is an increase in the mortality of women with gynecological diseases. There is also an increase of spontaneous miscarriages and birth of malformed children. The number of scheduled deliveries during last 12 years has decreased for 9. The number of caesarian cuts has significantly increased. Higher percentage of pre and postnatal morbidities of mothers has been recorded. One of the problems is insufficient equipment of gynecological and obstetrical departments with most essential diagnostic devices needed in treatment, such as: ultrasound equipment, cardiotocographs and incubators for the newborns.

The analysis of the surgical techniques for replacement of large bone and soft tissue defects was performed. It was shown that free microvascular grafts are superior to other conventional techniques. For that purpose free microvascular muscle, skin and bone coils were used. Also microneurovascular functional free transplants were used, such as: latissimus dorsi and gracilis muscle slices, on which beside revascularization reinervation was done for the purpose of functional activation of the mentioned muscles on the second anatomic location.

In addition to microvascular grafting, the analysis of most beneficial methods for management of complex injuries of the ankle and Achilles tendon was done. It was shown that very early surgical management provides the best results, preventing occurrence of early or late complications.

Current Orthopaedics, 18 1 , Current Orthopaedics, 18 3 , Also, electrophoresis curve of protein in urine was in correlation with previous findings. The results of examination of antioxidant activity in chronic renal insufficiency in patients of various renal diseases point out significance of correlation with previous investigations. The results of the applied recombined human erythroprotein in evaluation of the progression of renal insufficiency and anemia point out that the early application of erythroprotein showed tendencies of decreasing progression of renal insufficiency.

Results from this research denied ideas that the application of recombined erythroprotein increases the progression of renal insufficiency. This has made it possible for numerous patients to undergo this therapy without consequences. In this way, the quality of life is improved a lot. Besides the regular and specialist check-ups, some 80 members were vaccinated. The written proposal for the acquisition of coagulation-meter and ultrasound device that are very important in the work of Polyclinic was submitted in previous years.

The problem of transportation of patients to various x-rays scanning and other complex examinations such as scanner and magnet resonance exists. Imipenem is used intravenously in combination with cilastatine , which is a dipeptidase enzyme inhibitor. Behavioral phases of convulsive response are correlated with specific changes in EEG. In all experiments EEG records are analyzed visually and by means of spectral analysis. Ontogenetic differences in susceptibility to metaphit l- l- 3-istothiocyanatophenyl cyclohesyl -piperidive induced audiogenic seizures were examined in young developing ages: 12, 18 and 25 days and in adult 90 days old Wistar albino rats.

Results suggest that young rats develop metaphit induced sound seizures more rapidly, but adult rats have longer period of seizure susceptibility. Clinical examination refers to manifestations of different forms of epilepsy and their relation to sleeping, especially narcolepsy. Acta Neurol. Indian Journal Medical Research, , Di Giannuario A. Pieretti S. Two breakthroughs in the design of a gamma camera type of the detector were done.

Second, besides the detector using double layered scintillation crystal that we have previously patented US Patent and named Layered Crystal General Purpose Scintillation Camera - LGPSC, we designed the detector with a single layered crystal using glass light guide that has a greater refraction index RI than a crystal used. Thus, by increasing a solid angle of scintillation light distribution toward a local PMT array, the design that we named Light Focusing General Purpose Scintillation Camera - FGPSC improves performing characteristics of the instrument in comparison with a conventional scintillation camera design.

The work on other subtopics in the realization of the project in referred mostly to clinical and methodological investigations by evaluating diagnostic significance of nuclear medicine techniques. These investigations included problems of nuclear cardiology, nuclear pulmology and nuclear hematology. Nuclear Medicine Review, 7 1 , European Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 31 2 , S European Radiology, 14 2 , Protection of normal cells from antineoplastics toxicity by natural antioxidants.

Archive of Oncology, 12 1 , Half of them 37 were randomly assigned to treatment with hyperbaric oxygen with streptokinase, while the other half was treated only by streptokinase. In both of the groups patients underwent classical treatment. This analysis points out that the application of oxygen under high pressure saves one part of the myocard from necrosis in the acute heart attack.

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