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Vama veche discografie download torent

vama veche discografie download torent

Download Vama - (Vama Veche) - Discography () (Lossless) (Rock) for free via torrent on site sidpir.site Romanian soft rock band from Bucharest, founded by Liviu Mănescu, Traian Bălănescu and Tudor Chirilă in September ; disbanded August The band was one of the first groundbreaking bands in the new death metal genre and together with bands like Death, Morbid Angel and Deicide they started the. COME FINISCE AMORE BUGIE E CALCETTO TORRENT To delete result, your viewing experience or certifications diminished, and archive and been placed select the. GUI log junk where user and. Also, you submission function shared INI file or.

No other metal tracks were so long in duration at that time. Even today it remains the biggest thrash metal song. Venom started touring They are well known about their gigs. As Mantas said in a concert once:"If you wanna hear Venom,go home and listen to your fuckin'LP's cos tonight you are gonna get one and a half hours of pure fuckin'mayhem When Venom hit the stage they literally exploded in your face with dozens of bombs going off before they had even played the first note.

But this band scare me more than anything i've experienced before. I'll not go on that stage for anything. The whole audience can invade but i'm staying put. Venom released Possessed in However it was difficult for the band to face the competition of the previous two bands. These two bands were the best in the metal scene at that time. Possessed however wasn't as succesful as the previous albums,and that's a shame to my opinion as all of its songs are awesome. Venom realised what had gone wrong with Possessed and decided to rectify all.

So they recorded a new album called Deadline that featured 10 Possessed type songs,but it was never released. At that time Mantas left and decided to follow a solo carrier and at then everyone thought that this would be the end of Venom. It was a good album and Mantas wrote some of the songs. It sounded strange however:the songs didn't sound very "Venom". Of course you knew it whose it was when you listened to it,but it bore little resemblance to the older albums.

But the worst part is that after that Cronos left with the two guitarists leaving Abaddon on his own. Cronos followed a "solo" carrier releasing albums under the name "Cronos". Abaddon however made clear that he wanted to keep the name Venom. They recorded Prime Evil in ,a very good album,but to my opinion Dolan wasn't as good as Cronos,his typical wild angry classic Venom voice was gone.

And i think this is the truth. Maybe Dolan was a good singer but he wasn't the appropriate for Venom. After the release of Prime Evil they started doing some small warm up gigs in small clubs under the name Sons Of Satan the first track on Welcome To Hell. What happened actually was that everyone felt it was time for a reunion,and in contrary to what many people think,Dolan was probably the biggest Venom fan ever. Something that proves this is the fact that he left the group cause he thought that this way the band would return to its old glorious days.

Dolan is happy that Venom are reunited in the original format and they have such a huge success. This proves that he is the biggest Venom fan,and that he trully cares about the band. The band performed some concerts like Dynamo'96 and then started touring in sevral countries including Greece,and next year they released their new album Cast In Stone.

Though musically they are more closely related to speed metal, it was their lyrical topics and harsher vocals which separated them from other bands at the time usually dealing with Satan and Hell and other "black" topics. Their first two records, Welcome to Hell in and Black Metal in , set the bar for black metal to follow.

The original members went by the pseudonyms Cronos, Mantas, and Abaddon. Soon after, Alan Winston replaced Dean Hewitt on bass. An unholy racket emerged from the backline, and this is how the 'Bulldozer Bass' was born. Venom use Satanic references, and the band members renamed themselves. Clive Archer soon left the band, and Venom's lineup was finally a 3 piece. Later that year they released Welcome To Hell, which was a remarkable tour de force at the time, when Satan was rarely mentioned by any other bands in the entire music industry.

Venom influenced many thrash metal bands, specifically Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. Venom pushed the boundaries of speed metal to an extreme, and the beginnings of thrash metal were starting to emerge. Cover of "Black Metal" Their second album, Black Metal is cited as the most important in the development of black metal, thrash metal, and death metal.

Many elements of these genres are found in the lyrics and song titles created by Cronos and his unique lyrics and singing style, and the guitar work and solos performed by Mantas. While many fans and musicians see Venom as an important band, others disagree. He opines that Venom were hilarious. It was like seeing Spinal Tap I expected them to go into "Sex Farm" at any second.

When Sam Dunn, the interviewer, tells Lemmy that he himself was blown away by Venom back when he was twelve, Lemmy responds "Anything will blow you away when you're twelve. A day at the beach will blow you away when you are twelve. As Godfathers of black metal, when asked about the actions of the later black metal bands and their church burnings as well as the oftentimes out of hand stage shows, Venom have spoken out against those acts, stating that these artists are taking their personal problems more seriously than their music.

The point of Venom is to make controversial music; "How can you make albums and tour if you are in jail? Towards the end of , Venom released a career defining 4-disc box set MMV which includes an exclusive mini-poster of the band's 7 dates tour of Europe with Metallica and a 60 Page Picture book, with interviews and pictures. The 4 Disc set includes all their hits as well as live tracks, demos and outtakes.

In March , Venom released their latest album, named "Metal Black", featuring original frontman Cronos along with his brother Antton on drums, and Mickey 'H' aka Mykvs. The obnoxious trio of Cronos, Mantas, and Abaddon burst onto the scene in with Welcome To Hell, a poorly recorded, sloppily played, openly satanic, yet ultimately cool album that paved the way for the wave of black metal that wouldn't take hold for many years later.

Critics and fans alike were sharply divided at the prospect of this over-the-top band, but there is no question that that debut, and it's follow-up the aptly titled Black Metal are British metal landmarks. But the novelty and intensity began to fade, and by the time of their fourth album Possessed it was clear that Venom was in trouble. Personality conflicts arose, with guitarist Mantas leaving, and the resulting album the poorly-received Calm Before The Storm featured little of the trademarks that had made the early work so great.

Though no longer black metal, and in fact not sounding much like in their old days, this period of Venom did produce some decent albums, though in retrospect many of them seem quite forgotten. Much of the 90's releases by Venom seemed to be endless compilations or re-recordings of past glories, and Venom's popularity slipped further. Eventually, in , Cronos and Mantas put their differences aside, and reunited, first releasing the mediocre Cast In Stone but later after another breakup producing the much-improved Resurrection, the first and thus far only album not to feature drummer Abaddon , arguably one of the best albums they've ever done.

After yet another period of inactivity Cronos was back in action in February , now working with new guitarist Mykus on the next Venom album. Former guitarist Mantas now has a new project, Mantas link below. Nightmare Calm Before The Storm 1. Temples Of Ice In Memorium comp 1. Clarisse The Book Of Armageddon comp 1. Dead On Arrival 3. Snots Shit 4. Black Metal remix 5. Hounds Of Hell 6. At War With Satan tv Adverts 7. Abaddon Relativity Castle 9. Possessed remix Sadist mistress Of The Whip Manitou abbey Road Un-cut Mix Angel Dust Raise The Dead Red Light Fever Witching Hour Black Reign compilation 1.

Witching Hour Cast In Stone 1. This is modern rock with a sense of danger and beauty that's been missing for far too long. Along the way the whole idea that got us into this had been raped and sodomized. We were all in mourning of that and wondering if we could somehow get it back. As it turns out, the only way we could get it all back was to start it all new. Now we have that opportunity and it's amazing. This music is just vicious, very aggressive and it forces you to lace your boots up and sort of get ready for the fight.

As soon as you start thinking beyond that--about wanting to keep up with the Joneses or about fitting in with somebody else's format--that's when you lose the map. So we've just done what we do, and tried to have a cool time doing it. While Velvet Revolver inevitably offers a few echoes of its members' illustrious pasts, their sound is defiantly forward-looking and truly fresh in all senses of that word. Really that's all we know how to do.

We can't play nice or play radio. To me, this is the first dangerous band that's come around in a while--truly dangerous. People are going to say, 'Oh a supergroup. These guys have everything. We really hope to bring some chaos back into the whole world of rock. The buzz of playing together again got the three thinking. Sensing enough time had lapsed since their less-than-pleasant departures from Guns N' Roses, the trio linked with Kushner--a high school friend of Slash's who had been playing with Duff in recent years.

Documented by VH1 cameras for an upcoming special, this process turned out to be long and sometimes painful. Unfortunately, the vibes were usually not too good. It had to be something special. There was nothing fun about it except for the fact that I got to go and play with these guys five days a week. It was just really disheartening and frustrating at times.

But in the end because of all the time we spent looking, we went a lot of different places musically. It seemed like we were killing time, but we were really building the foundation. And I was a huge Guns fan. Appetite was one of those records that made me believe, that became my bible and taught me everything.

Then when Slash dropped off a CD of some of the music the guys had been recording, Weiland was impressed. Those guys are rock stars in their own right. To front this band, we needed someone who was above and beyond, and we got one. Quickly the five got down to work. It was worth more than any time in the studio or hanging out. This was undeniable and the most sonically violent thing I've ever been a part of.

That's what it's been like every time we've done something together. We're thrilled, like 'Hey, we wrote a song! But these guys were there to catch my fall. This has been like a gang. And it helps that they've all been through it themselves a million times so there's no judgment there.

They've all kicked dope so it's not like I'm the lone junkie in the band or I'm the only one who knows what it's like to kick a three-gram-a-day heroin habit. Through all the difficulties I've been through, they've all been there. That's more than I could ever ask for--more than I've ever experienced before.

Whatever happens, he has some more tools that he didn't have before. When it came time to sign a deal and record their first album, the band chose RCA in part because of the interest of Chairman Clive Davis. It's a rock-hard headphones classic for a new generation, reflecting the players' influences from The Beatles to Refused, and for obvious reasons a little Guns N' Roses and Stone Temple Pilots too.

After sampling a number of producers, Velvet Revolver opted to go with Josh Abraham to co-produce the album with them. We needed a young, fresh collaborator with a modern element--whatever that is. We wanted to compete and we wanted to be represented now. As you can tell, some days I was dealing with it better than others. This is the most effort I've ever put into anything. I put as much effort into the first STP album, but now I know so much more.

That's what I love, but we never got to do a lot of things for reasons that still don't make sense to me. I just want to play. We're not precious. It's about what these five men can do together in the future. They have often been compared with another famed supergroup, Audioslave. They subsequently decided to form a new band that would bring back the spirit of rock to the mainstream.

Kushner had gone to school with Slash and had worked with McKagan in Loaded, the band he'd played with before joining Velvet Revolver. The quartet were referred to under the temporary name "The Project" for a short period pending the selection of a permanent title for this emerging super group.

The quartet then set about recruiting a lead singer with VH1 filming the recruitment process. Reportedly, ex-Faith No More singer, Mike Patton, was also approached early in the process, but declined the offer to front the band. Weiland heard the material and offered his services as the lead singer and the band clicked.

Slash suggested the name "Revolver" for the project and Weiland suggested the addition of "Black Velvet" to the title. Slash thought this sounded too similar to "Stone Temple Pilots," so the name was abbreviated to simply "Velvet Revolver.

It recorded its first album, Contraband, in the latter part of with recording complicated by Weiland's court appearances for drug charges and his subsequent sentencing to undertake rehabilitation. The marketing campaign for Velvet Revolver in the run-up to the release of the first album was profiled as part of the Frontline PBS program The Way the Music Died, which included interviews with the band members and producers. Contraband was released in June , debuting at 1 on the Billboard album charts, 11 on the British album charts, and 2 on the Australian charts.

The first single, "Slither," topped a composite world modern rock chart in June, reached 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and 5 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. Since then, the band has released three more singles: the ballad "Fall to Pieces", the hard-rocker "Dirty Little Thing", and "Come On Come In", all of which have videos featured for them.

The band consequently declined an invitation to tour with KISS after learning that Poison would be a part of the bill, in an effort to distance themselves from being lumped in with bands from the 80's who had regrouped at the time to make a buck; Velvet Revolver were out to make the statement that they were a new band. The members of Poison, naturally, were far from impressed. Already, the band has toured both the United States and Europe twice, while also hitting Australia and Japan. Scott Weiland announced at the Radio Music Awards that it will be a concept album, and will be less single-driven than its previous effort, but later in the summer of , Matt Sorum dismissed the claim that it will be a concept album.

In December , the band set Libertad Spanish for "freedom" as the working title of the album. In October , Scott Weiland announced that "Libertad" would most likely be released spring to later spring Apparently, Velvet Revolver is eyeing a mid- to late-spring release for its second RCA album. The group is recording in Los Angeles with producer Brendan O'Brien, who stepped in for the band's original choice, Rick Rubin, after that arrangement "did not work out," frontman Scott Weiland tells Billboard.

Then we really kind of flat-lined for a while. We didn't know which way we were going. There was a definite loss of inspiration for a bit there. It has a lot to do with chemistry. Once Brendan came on board, I guess it was kind of like a shot in the arm. It was a new energy. He flew out within a week and it has been amazing.

In my opinion, there are so many schlock concept albums that have come out in the past year," he says, without naming names. I prefer to write a lean and rather vicious rock'n'roll record. I think that would be a better contribution to rock'n'roll at this moment. We have 18 songs ready and we are all very excited. Producer Brendan O'Brien has been in pre-production with us at Scott's Lavish studios for the last three weeks.

We have been working six days a week, and let me tell you that man has whipped us into shape. This will be a killer album, I promise you. Modern U. The band held a meeting in the studio for studio execs around this time to show what they could do and solicit offers for movie soundtracks. They were offered work up through This section on Soundtracks could be a big one for them!

Debut song for Velvet Revolver. Played during the movie as well as throughout the credits. Not available on the recorded CD soundtrack. The album was mixed, mastered and turned over to their record label. The album release date is set for June 8, The delay allows the label to arrange and conduct promotional tours and Scott Weiland to settle his legal and drug problems.

The title of the new album is Contraband. Scott Weiland christened it, and it's appropriate for Scott and a great album title. The album has 13 tracks. Of the 13 tracks, the band has selected "Slither" as the first single off the album.

The version of "Set Me Free" will not be exactly the same as the one on the soundtrack. The second single is not yet set. While the contents are the same inside, the paper cover is available in white, black and red. The tracks on Contraband are: Sucker Train Blues Do It For The Kids Big Machine Illegal i Song Spectacle Fall To Pieces Headspace Superhuman Set Me Free You Got No Right Slither Dirty Little Thing Albumul si spectacolul Am sa ma intorc barbat reprezinta pozitia si protestul nostru fata de un sistem care a esuat in repetate rinduri.

Credem cu putere in necesitatea desfiintarii serviciului militar obligatoriu si ca urmare a acestei pozitii am acceptat colaborarea cu Directia programe pentru tineret din cadrul MECT si reprezentarea musicalului Am sa ma intorc barbat pe scena Teatrului National. Singura noastra forma de lupta este muzica. In aceste conditii nu putem sa nu observam caracterul mai mult decit malitios al articolului publicat in Ev. Este evident ca referendumul din 18 si 19 octombrie a declansat lupte politice si incercari disperate ale partilor implicate de a acumula capital electoral in vederea viitoarelor alegeri.

Muzica noastra nu face politica. Muzica noastra protesteaza. Se pare insa ca Ev. Anuntul de multumire de la inceputul spectacolului nu a fost initiativa grupului Vama Veche. Stufstock Formatia a cintat la Stufstock 16 august - Vama Veche doar 40 de minute numai datorita organizatorilor - care au invitat un numar prea mare de trupe pentru un interval relativ scurt de timp.

La finalul recitalului trupa a lasat loc pentru doua bisuri, printre care si melodia Vama Veche, dar organizatorii nu au mai permis accesul trupei pescena. Formatia a inteles si s-a conformat respectind astfel trupele participante la festival. Vama Veche Tinem sa amintim "fanilor dezgustati" de melodia "Nicu" din campania Pro TV urmatoarele: acest trust a finantat productia albumului Am sa ma intorc barbat, a campaniei de promovare a discului precum si a videoclipurilor Betia si Epilog.

Productia de la Teatrul National a fost deasemenea finantata de MediaPro. Fanii vor fi dezamagiti probabil sa afle ca participarea la melodia "Nicu" este optiunea formatiei Vama Veche si nu o obligatie morala sau contractuala fata de trust.

Suntem mirati sa observam ca in inima fanilor o participare la un fenomen publicitar este asociata cu munca de creatie a trupei si poate sterge din memoria lor un intreg proiect de dimensiunile si calitatea celui care se numeste Am sa ma intorc barbat. Mai jos puteti gasi o scurta lista a artistilor din showbusiness-ul international care s-au asociat intr-un fel sau altul cu campanii publicitare compozitii sau cesiuni ale propriilor piese, asocieri de imagine etc.

Credem ca este o decizie care tine cont si de audienta postului de televiziune, in sensul ca pentru telespectatori poate nu este interesant ca o trupa sa apara in cadrul a doua festivaluri atit de apropiate, gazduite de aceeasi televiziune. Noi ne dorim ca Vama de acum citiva ani sa nu ramina o amintire si pentru acest lucru am hotarit sa cintam. Ne vedem pe 16 August!

Cu doua luni in urma au inceput confruntarile ideologice : Tudor Chirila vrea cine-verite-uri, coordonate de un regizor ; Liviu - poveste, scenariu, dar fara regizor. Dupa 2 luni de discutii, impreuna cu regizoarea Andreea Paduraru, s-a cristalizat ideea viabila si concreta a videoclipului, filosofia de baza fiind puritatea si tineretea unei perechi de tineri, respectiv ipostaze specifice varstei. Din pacate, norii prea grosi si urmele de ploaie napraznica nu au lasat echipa sa prinda rasaritul S-au luat cadre generale, dar si de detaliu, portrete.

Programul de la filmari a fost foarte bine segmentat: vineri s-a filmat cuplul de indragostiti prin oras, iar luni au avut loc filmarile cu formatia. Montajul camerelor, echipamentelor de sunet si instrumentar tehnic a inceput la 4 dimineata. In intervalul — a avut loc primul shooting in flux continuu. De la la — pauza, iar de la la a avut loc al doilea shooting cu figuratia.

Echipa care a realizat videoclipul este formata din Andreea Paduraru — regizor si Tudor Mircea — director de imagine. In timpul filmarilor Tudor si-a scrantit glezna, Traian a speriat echipa de productie venind cu niste idei de sarituri pe care le-a si exemplificat iar Lapi a facut febra musculara piesa fiind interpretata de peste 60 de ori.

Liviu si-a amanat plecarea in concediu datorita ploii care nu a permis filmarea videoclipului vineri si a devenit un adevarat expert in meteorologie in incercarile sale de a stabili care este cea mai indicata zi pentru filmarea. Cel mai infocat fan Vama Veche apare in sfarsit in videoclip! Din cauza caniculei s-au consumat 50 l apa si 20 l suc, iar membrii trupei s-au bronzat ca tractoristii pentru ca nu exista umbrar.

Din cauza ploilor, pe acoperisul unde s-a filmat s-au format balti. Initial acestea au fost socotite un impediment, incercandu-se evacuarea apei. Tudor Chirila a filmat in picioarele goale, iar la microfon si-a agatat un snur de cutii goale de bere. Acestea sunt doar cateva amanunte de la filmarile unui videoclip care se anunta a fi deosebit de interesant. Volumul 5: Am sa ma intorc barbat Vama Veche incepe primavara cu spectacolul Am sa ma intorc barbat.

Incepe si tu primavara la spectacolul din data de 1 Martie , orele la Teatrul National din Bucuresti. Si mai e ceva Revenim cu detalii. Vama Veche si-ar dori sa faca din spectacolul de pe 1 martie un protest la adresa violentei, a urii si a lipsei de toleranta, care in contextul actual pot duce chiar la declansarea unui razboi.

Sa incepem primavara nu razboiul. La Festivalul Cantecului de Dragoste, Vama Veche a castigat Premiul pentru cel mai bun text al unei piese de dragoste pentru piesa Epilog si Premiul presei. In acelasi timp, la Premiile Radio Romania Actualitati, Vama Veche a primit Premiul pentru cea mai buna conceptie discografica pentru albumul Am sa ma intorc barbat.

Bucuresti, 5 aprilie - Sala Palatului. Pentru cei care vor sa il vada pe Tudor in spectacolul A douasprezecea noapte la Teatrul de Comedie Bucuresti anuntam reprezentatiile din miercuri 19 si joi 20 martie. Biletele sint pe cale de a fi epuizate. Tudor repeta pentru spectacolul A douasprezecea noapte dupa W. Shakespeare, in regia lui Gelu Colceag la Teatrul de Comedie. Premiera va avea loc la mijlocul acestei luni.

Galeria foto a fost actualizata cu inca noua fotografii din spectacolul de la Teatrul National din 28 Noiembrie. Le puteti gasi aici. Scurt metraj Betia - click aici - in sectiunea Video a site-ului. Ne cerem scuze fata de fanii care asteptau acest concert, dar totodata ne bucuram ca am putut sa-i anuntam din timp. Concerte in clubul Prometheus din Bucuresti in datele de: 22 februarie si 7 martie.

Festivalul va putea fi urmarit pe data de 22 februarie in direct la TVR1. Desi la Festivalul National al Cantecului de Dragoste se face playback, Vama Veche va participa dar va refuza playback-ul, ilustrind melodia Epilog printr-un scenariu asemanator unui videoclip. Nici unul dintre membrii formatiei nu va mima actul de a canta, din respect pentru fani si pentru acest festival.

Consideram ca o departajare corecta a pieselor ar fi putut fi facuta numai in urma unei prestatii live. De asemenea formatia este nominalizata la sectiunea Cea mai buna conceptie discografica la premille muzicale ale Radiodifuziunii Romane - 16 februarie, Sala Radio. Un nou spectacol Am sa ma intorc barbat va avea loc undeva la sfarsitul lunii Februarie - inceputul lunii Martie. Vama Veche multumeste celor de la Club Metropolis din Bistrita si recomanda tuturor celor care se opresc in Bistrita sa treaca pe la aceasta discoteca senzationala.

De asemenea, multumiri publicului extraordinar din Bistrita. Asteptam parerile voastre pe forum sau direct la [email protected] O noua camera de chat va asteapta sa o testati. La fel, parerile le asteptam pe aceeasi adresa de email. Vama Veche si MediaPro Music vor relua primul musical romanesc - Am sa ma intorc barbat - pe data de 30 Ianuarie la ora pe scena Teatrului National.

Biletele se vor gasi la casa de bilete a Teatrului National. Portile se vor deschide pentru o experienta de viata… Publicul este invitat sa simta, sa auda si sa vada un spectacol care poate va schimba lumea Vama Veche pregateste editia de lux a CD-ului Am sa ma intorc barbat, editie ce va contine in plus un disc multimedia cu interviuri ale trupei, galerie foto si un videoclip.

Incepind de luni, Vama Veche incepe repetitiile generale la Teatrul National. Citeva detalii tehnice: W sunet, spoturi par 64 , 48 de lumini inteligente, videoproiectii, o echipa de 10 actori, 10 coristi, 3 backing vocals si o echipa de aproape de 60 de oameni in culise.

Biletele aproape s-au epuizat, asa ca grabiti-va. Versurile albumului Am sa ma intorc barbat in sectiunea de versuri a site-ului. Peste de membri in forumul Vama Veche. Vizitati forumul pentru ultimele impresii despre Betia, Epilog si ultimele evenimente legate de Vama Veche. Au fost aproape 3 ani de munca, dar sintem convinsi ca a meritat fiecare minut. Multumim celor care ne-au sustinut in aceasta perioada pentru ca nu a fost usor. Ne vedem pe Albumul Am sa ma intorc barbat va fi editat si intr-o editie de lux, care va contine un CD multimedia cu making of-ul discului, interviuri si variante de lucru ale unor piese de pe disc, plus cele doua scurt metraje care pormoveaza discul: Betia si Epilog.

Preturile biletelor la spectacolul Vama Veche vor fi: Cea de-a a, si singura acceptata, se realizeaza in Franta! Dupa zeci de idei, concepte, variante si propuneri, cei cinci baieti din formatia Vama Veche au ales proiectul grafic propus de Sorina Caraman, art director la o agentie de publicitate din Paris.

Si pe buna dreptate… Ideea este intr-adevar inspirata. Cautarea de unic, original si inedit se completeaza astfel cu simbolul, arta si sentimentul Vama Veche. Uniforma pe care au inchiriat-o se potrivea doar lui Traian Balanescu, care s-a aratat deosebit de incantat de interpretarea rolului sau. S-a filmat o zi intreaga, timp in care Traian a fumat un pachet de tigari. Tigara trebuia sa apara aprinsa in cadru, s-au tras multe duble asa ca a aprins tigari incontinuu.

Nu e prima oara cand port uniforma. Sediul Institutului de Proiectare Chimica unde s-au desfasurat filmarile, a fost cu ani in urma inchisoare. Atmosfera rece se simte inca si acest lucru l-a avantajat pe regizorul Tudor Giurgiu in realizarea imaginilor si transmiterea sentimentelor dorite. Pentru toti fanii vama Veche - albumul se va lansa in cursul lunii mai.

Tudor mai are de inregistrat vocea, Lapi si Liviu au terminat inregistrarile tobe si bass iar Eugen Caminschi si Traian chitara si pian au finalizat in proprtie de 80 la suta. Cind toata lumea va termina de inregistrat materialul va pleca spre mixaj in Germania. S-a filmat videoclipul la piesa "Betia" care urmeaza a fi montat si bun de difuzat pina la 10 mai.

Va multumim si va rugam inca putintica rabdare! Volumul 3: Concerte Vama Veche in luna Decembrie 4 decembrie - Cotton Club - Bucuresti 13 decembrie - Heat Club - Oradea 15 decembrie - Sala Polivalenta - Bucuresti 21 decembrie - Laptaria lui Enache - Bucuresti, concertul in care s-a cantat in premiera prima parte a viitorului album Vama Veche Volumul 2: Ca actor, pe Tudor Chirila il puteti vedea duminica, 9 decembrie si duminica, 23 decembrie la ora la Teatrul de Comedie cu spectacolul O, tata, sarmane tata, mama te-a spanzurat in dulap iar eu sint foarte trist, spectacol cu care a luat premiul pentru cel mai bun actor la festivalul Humorror.

Biletele se gasesc la casa de bilete a teatrului. Teatrul de Comedie este situat pe strada Sf. Dumitru nr. Volumul 1: Istoria acestui site abia a inceput sa se scrie. In aceasta pagina veti putea gasi toate stirile care de-a lungul timpului au fost pe prima pagina a site-ului, precum si ce s-a mai intimplat dupa ce stirea nu va mai fi fost o noutate si evenimentele de prima pagina s-au consumat. In cadrul acestui turneu, incepand cu 5 mai, Vama Veche va concerta live in 15 orase din Romania, ultimul concert avand loc pe 16 iunie in Bucuresti.

Toate concertele se desfasoara in aer liber si accesul este gratuit. Acum, formatia romaneasca cu cea mai rapida ascensiune si care a avut peste de concerte in trei ani, are ocazia sa sustina un turneu - caravana similar celor sustinute de marile formatii de renume international. In fiecare oras, Vama Veche va oferi live numerosilor fani 15 piese de pe cele doua albume ale formatiei "Nu am chef azi" si "Vama Veche" , in varianta lor originala. Pe scena, formatia va avea zece membri.

Alaturi de Tudor Chirila, Liviu Manescu, Traian Balanescu si Razvan Lupu vor concerta sase instrumentisti vioara, vioara a doua, violoncel, percutie, flaut, chitara. Cu ocazia acestui turneu, Vama Veche lanseaza un single, "Nu ne mai trageti pe dreapta", creat special pentru acest eveniment. Scena pe care Vama Veche va concerta In fiecare oras are o deschidere de 12 metri, o adancime de opt metri si o inaltime de sapte metri.

In fiecare dintre cele 15 orase, evenimentul va avea ca organizator un post local de radio. Intilnirea membrilor frizeaza regula "doua marimi egale cu a treia sint egale intre ele". Pe scurt: Liviu ii povesteste lui Tudor intr-o noapte de vara ce statea sub semnul lui Eliade despre intentia de a creea o trupa si despre intilnirile lui muzicale cu un pianist.

Tudor este entuziasmat. Seara urmatoare, Traian pianistul intilneste intr-un bar un baiat ragusit, ce parea ca are voce. Era Tudor. Povestea se tese usor Repetitiile scot la iveala 3 personalitati mai mult sau mai putin paranoice si o melodie ce avea sa devina hit-ul anului "Nu am chef azi" ale carei versuri au fost scrise in 10 minute intr-un moment in care trupa era despartita fara sa fi avut posibilitatea de a concerta.

Personalitati paranoice? Putin spus. Primul concert are totusi loc in Laptaria lui Enache, joi 28 noiembrie Este o experienta care ii marcheaza pe toti si in acelasi timp ii propulseaza printre primele trupe din Romania. Urmeaza prezenta intr-o multime de emisiuni radio si TV.

Povestea merge mai departe Trupa urca in topuri: melodia anului, trupa anului, basistul anului, albumul anului , nominalizare pentru cea mai buna trupa rock la premiile Ballantines ProTV , discul de aur - Casa de discuri Tempo Music. Pe fondul acestui succes trupa se implica in activitatea teatrala romaneasca, fiind solicitata sa compuna si sa interpreteze live muzica spectacolului de succes "Regele si cadavrul" de la teatrul national Bucuresti.

La ora actuala, trupa are trei albume scoase pe piata, al doilea impreuna cu o orchestra formata din 8 instrumentisti, incercind astfel sa-si defineasca atit stilul cit si propria idee de sound. Acest al doilea album, Vama Veche, s-a vindut in peste In anul trupa a avut Turneul Povestea merge mai departe care a acoperit 15 orase mari ale tarii si la care au participat peste In tara au fost sustinute concerte in orasele: Bistrita, Tg.

In toata aceasta perioada trupa a cintat in fata a mai mult de un milion de oameni in peste de concerte. Am auzit ca-n astfel de momente poti sa-ti vezi viata toata, Am sa-nchid ochii ca sa vad filmul asta prost macar o data: Mai e o clipa pina cind glontul imi va mingia timpla dreapta… Am sa ma nasc si-am sa tip si-am sa strig, mama zimbeste si-asteapta… Imi curge singe din genunchi, e prima zi de scoala—am trei cucuie, Doamna ma-ntreaba un mar plus o para, raspund o gutuie.

Mai e o clipa pina cind glontul imi va mingia timpla dreapta… E ziua mea si pe pat corzile si chitara m-asteapta… Trei galigani imi cer bani, pumnii-s grei pumnii-s tari cad in noapte… O intilnesc ies cu ea la un suc, ne plimbam - doua soapte… Mai e o clipa pina cind glontul imi va mingia timpla dreapta… Buzele mele, pielea ei, trupul nostru, un fior ne strabate… Cu sapte-am luat bacul ma bucur, golesc sticla toata… Pe masa-I hirtia semnata, mama plinge, ma cheama-n armata!

Nimeni nu-mi sta in drum, Am soseaua mea doar cu-n singur sens ma va duce undeva… Bacu l-am luat usor, Am copiat la mate si la sport. Scoala s-a terminat, Libertate frate, poate facultate, si viata de noapte Ref: Visele mele Se implinesc Cit bat din palme sau cit clipesc! Inspir respir iubire, Expir maninc iubire, Va dau la toti si va molipsesc. Nu-mi strigati ce sa fac, Fiindca timpu-I un ac Iara noi suntem ata din el! Ziua cind te-am vazut Inima mi s-a urcat in git, Si n-a mai coborit… Bate-acolo sus iar cind te sarut cinci batai in plus pe minut.

Nu mai vreau altceva, Ochii verzi si parul tau mi-ajung. Stai nu te mai misca! Asta-i poza noastra, 28 februaurie, la metrou la gara ne iubiiiiimm! Ref: Numai pentru noi doi, Timpul sa se-opreasca intr-o joi… Si sa il pacalim, Sa-i dam drumul din nou si sa o ia din loc doar cind o fi sa ne despartim!

Lume cit te iubesc! Suflletul mi-e bomba explodez! Vise in mii de parti, Vi le fac cadou, implinitile voi, visul meu il traiesc chiar acum… Ref: Trecerea Visul tau s-a terminat… Trebuie sa fii barbat! Mintea ta se va-ntari!

Corul: In armata, hai in armata Visele-s pentru copii! O sa-nveti sa ai rabdare. O sa te-nvatam s-asculti. O sa-nveti ce e onoarea. Corul:In armata, hai in armata O sa te-nvatam sa lupti. N-o sa mearga ca pe roate Dar ai sa te-ntorci barbat! O sa stii ce-I libertatea, Corul:In armata, hai in armata Vei fii om adevarat! Drumul Trenul asta merge-ncet, Catre nicaieri… Inca mai am par pe git, Blestemat frizer! Pe valiza mea de lemn Scriu data de azi: Ziua-n care-am luat un tren Ca sa-nvat sa trag… Vodca multa si tigari, Piine si salam.

O chitara cu cinci corzi, Facem bairam! Cazarma Plutonierul: Bai jigodie nu te mai misca! Viata ta-I un an in mina mea, Poti sa misti doar cind iti ordon eu, Poti sa-mi spui pe nume: Dumnezeu. Am sa scot si creierii din voi! Am sa va spal inima-n noroi! N-o sa va mai las nici sa iubiti, N-am nevoie de soldati raniti. Andrei: Nu-nteleg de ce tipati? Eu v-am auzit. Sa iubesti nu cred ca-nseamna Doar sa fii ranit… Dumnezeu e Dumnezeu, Nu e plutonier!

Viata mea e-n mina Lui Asta cred si sper. Plutonierul: Ochii tai cei blinzi ma fac sa scuip, Ma-ta a zburat de mult din cuib! Hai la mine sa te-nvat sa zbori, Pentru tine soarele e-n nori! Andrei: Mama m-a-nvatat sa zbor, Inaintea ta. Soarele iese din nori, Spre a lumina. Plutonierul: Visele-s o lume de cacat, Nu ai voie sa visezi soldat! Bine ai venit in lumea mea: Lumea-n care nu mai poti visa!!! Andrei: Visele nu ti le dau! Am sa-mi trag un glonte-n cap si-am sa-mi fac o gaura Si-am sa vad lumea prin ea intr-o alta aura azi noapte-am visat o apa care venea peste mine da-mi o vodca ca sa-mi treaca Daca beau imi e mai bine, insa nu pot sa-mi tin gindul care vine urlind spre tineeee… simt ca glontu-mi da tircoale… Te saruti cu altul oare?

Numai eu, pot sa spun, cine-I rau sau bun! Va simtiti perfect. Stati cu capul drept! Trupul meu este soseaua ta spre infinit Nu-I asa c-o sa m-ajuti sa mai visez? Vin sa imi fac dreptate cu-n viol de mare clasa! Am sa ma intorc barbat Trenul pleca, iar maica-sa plangea. E-n sesiune acum, probabil de-aia n-a venit. Mi-e dor de ea! Ref: Pentru mine un an nu e mult Pentru mine un an nu e mult Am sa ma-ntorc barbat Am sa ma-ntorc barbat Prima zi un plutonier nemernic Dintr-un pumn l-a desfigurat!

Culcat soldat, culcat! Sa nu te prind ca faci vreo laba! Seara dupa stingere Plutonierul a venit din nou, I-a dat un cap in gura: "Am auzit ca m-ai vorbit de rau! De maine la bulau! Treci la WC. E mult acolo de frecat. Ce naiba ba baiete, fii barbat! Zilele treceau din ce in ce mai greu, S-a apucat sa bea, Si cand facea de garda de frica fluiera. Plangea pe-ascuns din ce in ce mai des. Cartusele cu mainile-nghetate prin zapada le tot cauta, Picioarele deja nu si le mai simtea, Si o caldura-nvaluie tot trupul.

Mama de ce nu vii sa ma ajuti? Traiesti soldat! Doamne, Dumnezeule, stai langa mine in planton, Nu ma lasa s-apas tragaciul sau s-adorm, Si spune-mi care-i A. In ziua aceea, colegii ii spuneau: "Ce e cu tine? Esti cam palid azi! A doua zi, cand l-au vazut, Spuneau ca nimeni nu ar fi crezut. Iar plutonierul il cerceta spunand: "Sa sune cineva pe maica-sa!

Epilog Celor care cred ca lumea asta cu iubire va scapa Celor care cred ca Dragostea va mai schimba ceva Le vom cinta, le vom cinta le vom spune asa: Nimeni n-o sa iti explice ce e Dragostea Asta singur intr-o zi de vara-o vei afla Si atunci sa nu uiti de inima ta Binele si Rau-n jurul tau se vor juca Lumea asta moarta va-ncerca sa-ti fure dragostea Niciodata sa nu uiti de inima ta Celor care cred ca Visele nu pot muri, Celor care stiu ca Ura nu naste copii Le vom cinta, le vom cinta le vom spune-asa Nimeni n-o sa iti explice ce e Dragostea Asta singur intr-o zi de vara-o vei afla Si atunci sa uiti de inima ta Binele si Rau-n jurul tau se vor juca Lumea asta moarta va-ncerca sa-ti fure Dragostea Niciodata sa nu uiti de inima ta Calul din Marlboro Nu am chef azi Sha la la la Iubeste Sweet Little Nightmare Armata Am sa ma-ntorc barbat Sf.

De-atunci si pan-acum in oras eu ratacesc, E fum si este scrum si simt ca-nebunesc. Dar, ce pot sa fac? Ce pot sa fac? Nu am chef azi Nu am chef azi, nu am chef azi, N-am chef de nimic. Nu am chef azi, nu am chef azi De vodca sau de gin, tequila, rom sau vin.

Tigari, nu mai vorbesc, Iar pe tine, pe tine, pe tine te urasc. Nu te vreau azi. Nu ma vrei azi, nu ma vrei azi Imi spuse ea razand Nu ma vrei azi, nu ma vrei azi S-a ridicat usor, avea un umar gol Si zambetul amar, Baiete esti prost, iar eu nu sunt o curva pe-un trotuar! Nu ma vrei azi?

Nu te vreau azi! Nimic mai usor, nu ma vrei azi! Eu voi pleca-n curand, ramai cu mine-n gand. E lapte-n frigider, iar banii, ciorapii si sapca ta sunt pe calorifer. Te-am iubit, maaaa! Te iubeam! Vreau sa vii joi, vreau sa vii joi! Alerg descult pe hol, dar holul este gol Un paharel de vin, ma uit: Cine e?

Vecinul meu Dan de la mezanin. Au trecut ani, au trecut ani Si viata s-a schimbat. Au trecut ani, au trecut ani Mi-am luat si eu nevasta, Urata si cam proasta. Am doi copii cu ea Si ii feresc cat pot de mult De soacra mea. Au trecut ani, au trecut ani Ma duc mereu pe hol, dar holul este gol Nu-i lapte-n frigider, iar banii, ciorapii si sapca nu-s pe calorifer. Au trecut ani, nu-s pe calorifer, Au trcut ani, am fost un fraier, Un mare, mare fraier Sha la la la Give me the sound, give me, the sound of a rolling stone, Give me the sound, give me, the sound of a rolling stone.

I believe in the love thet you've given me My sweet little dream Starts in my desire Happens every time, when I need you and you're far away Please come into my arms Ref: I want you serious don't stay into my way I can kill any time I can't give second chance yo anyone that loved you once Last time when I saw you naked I thought you must go to heaven, soon God knows why I shot you thirty times Forgive me please!

I love you more than I could cry Ref: Who decides all my life Every feeling that I have inside Is there someone that protects us? Or whole life will I fight for myself? I got to be free! I don't wanna kneel! I don't want to care for my whole family! You got to say, won't you be free? This is the difference between you and me! Ref: Iubeste Iubeste mainile si ochii Si iarta-le dac-au fost clipe In care n-au stiut sa-ti spuna In care n-au putut sa-ti dea Atat cat ar fi vrut Atat cat poate dorul ti le cerea.

In dragoste, in randuiala. Iubeste mainile si ochii Si iarta-le nevruta vina Caci prea tarziu iesira in cale-ti Si prea curand se duc de tot Iubeste mainile si ochii. Dezleaga-mi sufletul de vina Ca in curand n-am sa-ti mai pot Aduce-n maini si-n ochi seninul Tarziul zambet de lumina. Iubeste mainile si ochii Si iarta-le daca durerea Ca ti-am plecat va fi mai mare Decat norocul, decat norocul C-am venit.

Sweet little nightmare I've been alone for a long, long time of my life. I am tired of those winter nights without you Where are the good days, when I used to sleep well? Where are my soldier's boots? Where is the sergeant Mandell? I fear death and I fear a lot of things and I cry, I'm afraid of a girl like you and I'm shy Where is my apple tree?

Where is my dear backyard? Why do you stare at me, I've been lifesick from the start. I've been looking for me these years and I found the sea I'm loosing my words while I begin to see. Singing the lullaby, children fall asleep I see the fores while I'm sinking so deep. Mother help me to go to bed, I'm to tired!

Father wash both my little hands and kiss me good night. Wind of the western north gently whips my face, I'm dreaming of this sad human race. Kids are playing in the churchyard, don't you see? Red soldiers kill them all and then me Heaven looks like New Yourk, St. Peter's singing the blues, I'm lost and I'm trying to find my home, Mother help me to go to bed, I'm to tired Mother help me to go to bed I'm to tired To tired Armata Am sa ma-ntorc barbat Trenul pleca, iar maica-sa plangea.

La data de 28 ianuarie , la Unitatea Militara , renumitul batalion disciplinar din nord-vestul Romaniei, a avut loc un tragic accident sau, afirma surse neoficiale, un nou caz de sinucidere. Soldatul Andrei Gavrila a fost gasit impuscat in cap la sfarsitul garzii de noapte. Glontul a penetrat laringele si i-a iesit prin zona encefalului, moartea survenind pe loc.

Se pare ca vinovate de aceasta stare de fapt sunt nu numai cadrele medicale ale centrelor de recrutare ci si cadrele militare cu functii de conducere ale unitatilor militare ale Ministerului Apararii Nationale. Soldatul Andrei Gavrila a decedat cu doua zile inainte de terminarea stagiului militar. Petru Si-acum stau si va privesc Hohotesc, tot hohotesc Nu de lacrimi, ci de ras Caci sunteti, I said, micuti de sus.

Si acum stau si va privesc Hohotesc, tot hohotesc Nu de lacrimi, ci de ras Caci sunteti micuti de sus Sf. Petru-i baiat bun Ne trateaza cu tutun I-am cerut si marijuana Mi-a raspuns ca nu-i Satana. I-am cerut macar hasis Si-am zis: "Fumez pe furis! Petre, i-am zis eu: "Vreau sa-l vad pe Dumnezeu. Nu fi prost! Dumnezeu e peste tot! Petre, de ce noi Cand murim venim la voi?

Petru a tras un fum Si mi-a zis ca nu-i nebun: "Nu crezi ca ar fi o prostie Sa vin eu in Laptarie? Looking for a friendly crowd. I've been searching for a friend, And all I find is just emptiness. Never get one in the end. I've been searching for so long, I'm getting, oh Lord, so old. So help me to find a sky, Where I can feel so high, So help me cause I might be you, Is this a very, very sad truth. Ref: I'm just a cloud Looking for a friendly crowd. Vama Veche Reggae I'll wake up tomorrow morning In a little bar Filled up bottles with tequila And a joint of mine, Girls of very many sizes, They want a piece of me Everybody's feeling Memories come down on me Nothing new to come.

I'll wake up tomorrow morning In a little bar Filled up bottles with tequila And a joint of mine. Ref: Pa pa pa pa pa Pa pa pa pa pa Pa paaaaaaa pa! I'm listening to all my friends they say, That I should change my life in some way, They seem to care so much about me, And I say: - Please leave me alone! No Place Like Death Windumanouth Scribed Revolution Day Prelude January Morning Life Is For Living Enemy Of God Phobia Pleasure To Kill Mars Mantra Phantom Antichrist From Flood Into Fire Suicide Terrorist Black Sunrise Renewal Larisa 11 - Karma Game 12 - Fingers and Sin.

Approaching Lies Out Of It Rum All Night Scream My Name Brighter Day Dead City Rush Of The Wave Cruisin Dreams Die hard Can't Live Without You Holding On To A Dream Fragile Tomorrow You'll Be Gone Born in Black Barfly Bloodlust Rhapsody Black Fucking Thrash Metal Song of Revolt Voices from the Past Attila Intro: Yana Raymi Manos Cruzadas No te Tortures El Obraje Guerreros Testimonios Envuelto en el Silencio Markawasi Anhedonia Agonia Miseria Prologue Deafening Overture

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