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6 samurai shi en vs torrential yu-gi-oh

6 samurai shi en vs torrential yu-gi-oh

The overall theme of "Six Samurai" is a futuristic feudal Japan setting, combined with supernatural elements. Another common theme is there are different. Let's say a Six Samurai player has a field of monsters; Shi En, 2 Kizan, Kageki and Kagemusha. On the Special Summon of Kagemusha (From. What a Samurai Duelist often tries to do is Synchro Summon Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En and back it up with wither Musakani Magatama or Solemn Warning to. SCALE THE SUMMIT DUNES GUITAR PRO TORRENT Bugfix Browser apprehend the give their. Establece tu Download this. Any Desk Need Is modify these settings until own blocked.

Solemn Judgment , Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute are Trap Cards you have to face no matter what deck you play against, and some Samurai Duelists are even trying out Compulsory Evacuation Device and Royal Oppression in order to give themselves more protection options when they have a Shi En on the field. Another card to watch out for is Effect Veiler , but at the moment not many Samurai Duelists are using it in their Main Decks so you should be safe from its effect in Duel 1.

For Six Samurai, the aim in this matchup should be to defeat your opponent before they get a chance to pull off their Coelacanth combo, getting in Life Point damage wherever possible and then have a way to deal with Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth when your opponent tries to Summon it. It might also be a good idea to Set any Spells and Traps you have when you Summon Shi En, in order to make your opponent think you have enough cards to stop their big play, and slow them down enough to seal the Duel with your attacks over the next few turns.

First up is Effect Veiler , which can shut down several stages of the Fish combo. Most Duelists have this card in their Side Decks already, but with Fish Decks becoming more popular thanks to their success at YCS Charlotte it may be a good idea to move a Veiler or 2 to the Main Deck to shut them down. The other card to consider is Dimensional Fissure , something that very few Duelists are prepared for right now. While Dimensional Fissure is face-up any monsters that would go to the Graveyard are removed from play instead, and the Fish Deck is far more reliant on Special Summoning monsters from the Graveyard Treeborn Frog , Ronintoadin and Fishborg Blaster being 3 examples than most so it will struggle while you control this card.

Both of these Decks are very strong, can win Duels in an instant and are difficult to stop. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. How do these Decks work? How can Fish beat Samurai? How can Samurai defeat Fish? German name. Italian name. Japanese name. Japanese translated name. Korean Hanja name. Korean Revised Romanization name.

Korean name. Page name. Page type. Portuguese name. Romaji name. Spanish name. Universal Conquest Wiki. Halberd Cannon. Doomkaiser Dragon. Arcanite Magician. Stardust Dragon. Doyon Dark Templar. Doshin Earth Golem. Achichi Fire Phoenix. Pikari Light Dragon. Hiyari Water Leviathan. Bururu Wind Pegasus. Moonface the Silver Silver Key. Leon the Lead Lead Compass. Salamandra the Steel Steel Lamp. Ouroboros the Bronze Bronze Scale. Ekenas the Mercury Mercury Hourglass.

Aretos the Tin Tin Spell Circle. Diana the Light Spirit. Garuda the Wind Spirit. Catapult Devilkong. Buggy Dog. Gyro Jackal. Decode Extended. Strike Black. White White. Yellow Yellow. Blade Garoodia. Coach Lord Ultimatrainer. Double Coston Dark.

The Trojan Horse Earth. Kaiser Sea Horse Light. Whirlwind Prodigy Wind. Nurse Ernus. Kitchen Tinkhec. House Sheou. Laundry Nudyarl. Parlor Lorpar. Absolute Zero. Great Tornado. Umbramirage Molehu. Grandsoil Aina. Pyrorex Malo.

Phosphorage Lapauila Mana. Moulinglacia Nalu. Windrose Makani. Terratiger White Tiger. Arnis Red Sparrow. Dragodies Golden Dragon. Hydrortoise Green Turtle. Ventdra Blue Dragon. Magistus of Mastery. Chee Earth. En Fire. Swee Water. Hu Wind. Grarl Gravity Axe. Ceal Shooting Star Bow. Tryce Twin Swords of Flashing Light. Kay'est Rod of Silence. Toon Dark Dragon Knight.

Grimoire Crowley. Goddess Ninaruru. Master Endymion. Saint Aiwass. Thestalos Thestalos the Mega Erupt Berlineth. Mobius Mobius the Mega Awaken Escher. Raiza Raiza the Mega Stormforth Garum.

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Six Samurai - Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En Unbreakable Board/Insane Combos [Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel] 6 samurai shi en vs torrential yu-gi-oh

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