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Utorrent speed increase 3-4-2-1 formation

utorrent speed increase 3-4-2-1 formation

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Bastian [Schweinsteiger] and Kroos in front as attacking midfielders and then we delineate the movements. Rafinha and Alaba are no longer full-backs at that point — they join the midfield. When we are in possession we play vertically, building from the superiority in midfield which the addition of Rafinha and Alba has given us.

In the line of three there are Dante, Boateng and Lahm. This is where the play begins again. The two full-backs are to join up with the two creative midfielders to make a cluster of four attacking players, but also the first line of defence to put the brakes on an opposition counter-attack should Bayern lose the ball. If either of them moves inside, their full-back must take up the wide space to complement the movement.

Then, up top, the single striker. The team talk on Monday 16th, the day before their Champions League debut, focuses solely on this He points to training pitch No. They go back inside and Pep shows his players the video analysis of their U movement on the pitch. The images show that again and again they re-start the play from the back in a manner which is predictable and sterile, an innocuous movement of the ball from side to side.

The whole shape of the ball movement draws out a capital U. Sometimes Neuer is involved in that passing movement too, even Lahm at It is a horizontal trajectory which takes the team nowhere. We need our central midfielder and our defenders to move out with an offensive mentality and break the opposition lines in order to push the whole team high up.

The U needs to go. The is now installed, flexible and intelligent, with the positioning of the two full-backs in line with the two attacking midfielders. These false attacking midfielders the full-backs are without doubt the biggest tactical advance of his first season at Bayern. The all-out war against tiquitaca — shuffling the ball about in meaningless possession — is also established. CSKA Moscow will be the first victim of the new strategy the next night. It has been days since Pep last heard the Champions League music and his first match back is a joy.

Not only do Bayern beat the Moscow team but they are playing fluid, aggressive football. They go on the offensive; the U and their sterile passing are things of the past. Even though he looks offside, the Russian defence has been bamboozled into dozing off. His strategic ideas have worked.

It is gratifying for the technical team to see their tactics converted into a goal and for Guardiola it is the first time in a match this year that he has felt that the team is moving in the right direction. Nobody has needed a half-time lecture to change the dynamic and his wingers have understood exactly what he wants. For the first time in six years the Champions League starts with the reigning champions winning their first match the last time was when AC Milan beat Benfica in ; all successive champions have drawn their first match.

That game was our first sighting of a team the likes of which we had never seen before in Germany. The whole playing philosophy is reinforced after the visit to Gelsenkirchen, and a cauldron of a stadium, to face Schalke With the ball, Bayern are clearly playing and when they lose it they defend in a The team plays with much more fluidity. The forward three players are given freedom and they slash through Schalke both down the middle and out wide.

Robben plays predominantly down the right wing and that allows Rafinha to move inside and do damage there. When he looks back at this time Guardiola has good reason to smile. A week earlier he had been depressed, unable to find the right ingredients to make his team excel; now, seven days later, he has three wins under his belt, with the scores getting increasingly better against Hannover; against CSKA and against Schalke.

More importantly, they are well on the way to developing the balance their game requires. The idea of using full-backs as midfielders is bearing fruit. Everything has fallen into place. Two hours earlier and a considerable distance away, Borussia Dortmund drew in Nuremberg. Similar philosophies were implemented in his past jobs, but the extent to which they were effective varied. A brief statistical overview of his past teams allows us to gain a better understanding of his tactical vision.

Firstly, average possession and passes per 90 quickly stand out. More specifically, however, both teams averaged around lateral passes per That number is incredibly high and indicative of their patient, possession-based approach. The thickest lines, or most frequent links, are between defenders and midfielders.

During his first season with Fiorentina, they had the second-highest number of progressive passes per 90 in the Serie A, at The following season that figure slightly dropped to This trend is further supported by their shots per 90 and average shot distance numbers.

Initially at Fiorentina, his team was taking a high number of shots Their long-range tendencies can be further seen through their shot-map in a match against Napoli, where the majority of shots were from incredibly long distances. Eventually at Bordeaux, those figures dropped to Whether these changes were due to league style or a conscious change in the tactics is unclear, but the combination of statistical trends point to the latter.

As his tactics include dominating the ball, they look to win it as soon as possible. That includes a high defensive block and high-intensity pressing. They also had the highest challenge intensity defensive actions per minute of opponent possession in Serie A at 7. These tactics were effective, as Fiorentina had the third-lowest shots against per At Bordeaux, the team would vary between advancing their defensive block and staying in a mid-block, usually depending on the opposition strength.

For example, they had a PPDA of Some factors will be important when considering his defensive approach at Flamengo, but more on that later. After analysing some key metrics throughout his projects, it is worth taking a look at how Sousa organises his teams offensively. For most of his career, Paulo Sousa has opted for a or , though he has switched to a or at times.

Anyhow, the initial formation is less relevant as the structure changes with the phases. In the attacking phase, Sousa organises his team in the famous A double pivot operates in front of a back three with the aim of maintaining possession and starting play.

The two wingbacks provide width and depth sitting on the wings. The two attacking midfielders will sit in the two half-spaces, while the striker sits a little higher providing depth. In the construction phase, Sousa wants his teams to play out of the back. If the lanes and spaces were there, they would look to break lines and progress through the zones in a controlled manner. However, their main strategy would be to keep possession and draw the opposition players in to create space further up the pitch.

The long-ball would then be available either in behind or to a target-man. Similarly, Jorge Jesus adopted a highly successful direct approach at Flamengo, instantly looking to break lines and attack space. While the former seems more likely for Paulo Sousa to adapt, it will be interesting to see how they construct play. Both attacking midfielders push up to challenge for the second ball. As previously stated, his teams will set up in a shape in the middle and final third of the pitch.

The two wide centre-backs may look to support possession play on the wings and create overloads, but essentially it is the two pivots who look to get on the ball and create. The width provided by the wingbacks will stretch the defensive organisation, while the attacking midfielders will look to drop in and play in the half-spaces as seen below.

Whether they get the ball or not, they are still creating space by dropping in and bringing an opposition player. Ideally, these two roles would be played by Everton Ribeiro and Arrascaeta, the more creative forces of the team. As the years went on, his teams became more patient, looking to carefully penetrate the defence.

Neither Fiorentina nor Bordeaux averaged a high number of crosses but often looked to attack through the centre and half-spaces. Most of their success came from coordinated movements to create space for diagonal passes, as combining through low blocks was very difficult. In Poland, however, they attacked through the wings and led the Euros in crosses per Flamengo has dangerous wide players — B.

Henrique, Isla, and Matheuzinho — as well as creative midfielders — E. Ribeiro, Arrascaeta, and Pereira. Consequently, a balance should be struck between the two. While Paulo Sousa has been consistent in his attacking structure, the same cannot be said defensively. In Fiorentina, the team often reverted to a in the defensive phase.

Contrastingly, he preferred a at Bordeaux and a at Poland. While Poland was very effective in their high pressing, they often played very weak opposition. Flamengo has struggled with centre-backs, with Rodrigo Caio often injured and the others being inconsistent. They have also never experimented with five at the back either, so a would be more suitable. Sousa liked an aggressive man-oriented press.

In a high block, the would often turn into a , with the wingers pushing up.

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Though my torrent file seeder is more than Another question can I ask about Android mobile also. Yeah You can Ask about Android too…. How to rectify this problem. Hii Swarna…. Thank you so much. Your fix worked like a charm. Thank you.

Please what settings could be responsible for this? Hello i just wanna say thanks for this nice guide. At first my download speed was fluctuating ,which i figured was because of too many connected peers so i reduced maximum number of global connections inside bandwith tab to and it works like a charm now.

Thank you! Thank you for the information. How to increase utorrent download speed? But you can check this article to increase normal internet speed in your mobile maybe this will help — How to Increase Internet speed in mobile. In my personal opinion I would say getting a stable speed of around kbps is good as compared to the fluctuating one….. Excellent advice. Simply great advice. Section: Change net. What number should i input?

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. DUDE heartfull thanks Reply. Its just increased the speed and the itps just worked and thanks Bro………… Reply. Speed has increased..!!

Worked immediately… Reply. Yeah You can Ask about Android too… Reply. Its really good.

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