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Campus book rentals home howtorentanapartment

campus book rentals home howtorentanapartment

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The work they do is really appreciable. The only thing we need to do is to provide details. The people at amberstudent provide great support. Sign Up or Login. Home away from Home Book your student accommodation near top universities across the globe. Verified Listings. Price-Match Guarantee. Book your perfect accommodation Take the hassle out of securing your student home for the best years of your life.

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It is the responsibility of the student to contact the landlord directly. TRU highly recommends a personal inspection of the premises and an exhaustive review of all arrangements with the landlord. Any student who does not feel qualified to entertain these investigations should seek either parental advice or professional assistance.

Students are also warned that as tenants they may potentially incur risks which expose them to personal liability as occupiers of property. TRU does not make any representations about or endorse any of the listings on this site and provides no guarantee that any listing is trustworthy, safe or suitable.

TRU is not responsible for any damage or losses resulting from your use of the site and by using the site, you accept and assume and agree to be solely responsible for all damage or losses you incur as a result of your use of this site. Please carefully review the resources of this website. Section Menu. Where should I look? Disclaimer: please read carefully Before you review listings on this site, you should understand that: Thompson Rivers University does not recommend or endorse any listing The information provided on this site is purely for the convenience of TRU students and TRU does not recommend or endorse any of the premises listed.

It is your responsibility to inspect and investigate any listing It is the responsibility of the student to contact the landlord directly.

Campus book rentals home howtorentanapartment autorentage dtf


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In that case, students will have to purchase the supplemental materials separately. To avoid not getting the right materials, you should talk to your professor about it before deciding to buy or rent a book. During our Campus Book Rentals review, we were pleased to learn that you should choose your rental term. Rent a book for a month or an entire semester.

Use the grace period 15 days , semester rental period days , a quarter 85 days , summer 55 days , or choose your return date. As we mentioned before, Campus Book Rentals rental period allows you to keep the books for 55, 85, and days. You can extend the rental period by 15 or 30 days for free. To do this, enter your account, choose the extension, and log out. Campus Book Rentals textbook highlighting and note-taking is allowed.

You can highlight the text from any rented book and add notes, but be considerate. A moderate amount of note-taking is allowed, but all textbooks must be returned in good condition. Like every other textbook rental service, there are various book categories on the page.

You can choose among:. Categories are divided into subcategories that offer extensive insight into the topics. By clicking on the title, you will see the best prices for renting or buying the book. Campus Book Rentals shipping cost depends on various things: the bookstore you buy from, the number of books you buy, and the shipping choice standard or express shipping. Standard shipping price is automatically included in your order, but there are more shipping methods you can select ground, air, or overnight.

Standard delivery normally takes 7—14 business days, and express delivery takes 2—3 business days. Take into consideration that delivery time can be affected by bad weather conditions, inaccessible country routes, or carrier system delays. The books you order come with a return shipping label. If you need to print this label or get another one, you can do it online.

To cancel your order, you have to contact the bookstore, but you must do this before your order is sent. In addition to re-renting books, there is another way you can get discounts. Campus Book Rentals refer a friend is a reward system you can use to get coupons and cards. If you refer Campus Book Rentals to friends, i. To receive a coupon for free textbook rentals, you need to refer at least five friends. In Campus Book Rentals reviews users are appreciative of the new user offer.

You can use it to buy things from Amazon, Nike, or iTunes. The site is easy to navigate, and you can find a variety of new and old books to rent or buy. You can do this by using the title, author, keyword, or ISBN. Once you find your book, select the version edition that you want to rent or buy.

The design of the page is intuitive and straightforward. On top of that, you can find several books if you enter several ISBN codes. The small setback might be the font at the bottom of the homepage that is difficult to read. The prices depend on the bookstore you buy from and the condition of books rental, new, used. The renting price for non-fiction books is usually higher than the textbook prices.

Campus Book Rentals free services include free shipping for buying and selling books. Registration, membership, and extensions are free. It usually takes 48 hours to process an order. When you receive a notification of a successful transaction, your order will be shipped. The prices can vary, so check them often. Campus Book Rentals promo code is available on third-party sites. Campus Book Rentals return service guarantees a day refund.

Not everyone is looking to buy something from the website, and this is where the Campus Book Rentals return policy comes in. To get a refund, you need to print a return label from your user account on the website and send the book back. Take into consideration that your request can be declined if you violate the return policy. If you fail to return the book at the end of the rental period and after the grace period , you will be charged with Campus Book Rentals late fees. Campus Book Rentals have a mediocre rating on the internet.

Campus Book Rentals Customer Reviews tell us the most common issues with this platform are connected to book returns. Some students find it too complicated. On top of that, compared with other online textbook rental companies, prices are somewhat higher.

Also, Campus Book Rentals customer service offers a good FAQ section to compensate for the lack of non-stop customer support. The answers are short and straight to the point. They cover topics like returning textbooks, tracking orders, prices, purchasing options, highlighting the rented books, etc.

If you want to contact the support team, you can do it via online chat, phone, or email. If you want to send an email, you have to include your name, phone number, and order number. There are a lot of websites that let you buy, rent, and sell books. Campus Book Rentals is one of the best textbook rental services. It offers great features, good rental terms, and flexible prices.

The platform makes it easy for students across the US to buy a pre-owned book. Your books will come with a return shipping label. If you need to reprint the label or print a second one , you can do so online. Campus Book Rentals has a generous day grace period on all their rentals. Campus Book Rentals allows users to write and highlight their textbooks, but water damage, missing pages, and torn covers mean the book is unusable.

Campus Book Rentals offers a day, no-questions-asked, return window. One issue that often comes up when renting textbooks is the lack of supplemental material. Many textbooks include access codes or CDs that supplement textbook material. Unfortunately, Campus Book Rentals does not guarantee access to these materials, even if the book title includes information about CDs or other materials.

In either case, you should be sure to ask your professor about supplemental materials before opting to rent. At face value, Amazon textbook rentals tend to have lower prices than Campus Book Rentals , but Campus Book Rentals may turn out to be less expensive in the long run. The ability to select return dates, add extensions, and use the day grace period make Campus Book Rentals compelling. If not, I recommend choosing between Amazon textbook rentals and Campus Book Rentals for the best prices.

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Other Options. Get Out Of Debt. How To Start. Extra Income. Build Wealth. Credit Tools. Quick Summary. Low cost college textbook rentals Free shipping both ways 15 day grace period makes renting painless. Get Started. Campus Book Rentals Basics. How Long Do Rentals Last? Can I Write in the Book?

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