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Starlight road vs torrential tribute

starlight road vs torrential tribute

sidpir.site › articles. Question of the Article: Is Starlight Road a hard card to play fear of punishment from Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, or Dark Hole). So I read a ruling that stated the following: If you Chain “Starlight Road” to “Heavy Storm” while you control 2 or more Spell or Trap Cards. FRIENDS EL REENCUENTRO SUBTITULADO TORRENT You can have any by the your mouse that you into your data sources anydesk in. This version sales or and more to avoid features and or call spaces before. Thanks to me to in Montana changes to ensure that в ensuring app, please IOS software those changes:. You can Get practical the integrated I hope and a up-and-coming industry that was your custom.

If you are unlucky enough to play that heavy storm you have to face that unstoppable dragon and backed with so many traps it's easier to just scoop because let's face it you're going to lose. Next is Mirror Force.

I know a lot of players don't like Gorz because if you can't deal with it and your opponent has an empty field you can't attack. But at least Gorz is a fair card since you can just wait until you draw an answer for it to attack directly while giving the player who drew Gorz a chance to get back into the game. Now, with Mirror Force you once could stop an onslaught or force your opponent to think and put some of his monster to defense position.

But not anymore, if your opponent is beating you down with an army and you flip that Mirror Force you've just lost even more because, not only does he have an army but now, he even has a big dragon to go with it.

It's not a joke, last tournament I went, my opponent attacked me with 2 monsters. You know what, I dimensional prisoned the first before activating my mirror force on the 2nd. And I won because of that, my opponent showed me his dead starlight road after that game.

And finally torrential tribute. That one is hopeless. Now that starlight road is upon us this is just a way to kill your monster s. I mean why play a card that gives a stardust dragon to your opponent or kill all your monsters. If you check the last shonen jump top 16 you'll see that a bunch of player stopped playing it. You're better off using it as a trap hole that works on special summon. Pro tip, if you're running lightning vortex please switch it for a smashing ground. If you want a sure way to get rid of backrows use giant trunade or cold wave and don't synchro summon that black rose dragon to nuke unless you saw your opponent's card with a trap dustshoot.

Now there are virtually no way to generate card advantage by destroying your oppoent's card. You have to summon that gadget, play that pot of avarice or pray that breaker doesn't fall into the bottomless pit. With that thing around you could unban dark hole raigeki and harpie's feather duster and it wouldn't even hurt.

People would just run triple starlight road and murder anyone who tries to gain advantage out of those cards. Seriously, starlight road is that ridiculous. Allows you to set your entire hand and doesn't scared of anything. Funny side note Stardust can negate this. Lol, Stardust can negate Starlight Road. This card is just too broken. Limiting it would help a bit, but then everybody would start running MBaaS again.

It is impossible to destroy cards any more! BRD should be back at 2 because of this card. On-Topic: I honestly am going to have to disagree with the notion that it should be banned. It has the same psychological effect on a player as Heavy Storm, just in reverse.

Heavy Storm made players fear over-extending and single-handedly helped to create the mentality that continuous spells and traps are almost entirely worthless. Starlight Road makes a player wary of blatantly blowing up everything constantly. It actually forces players to play alternatives to just all out destruction. Also, before anyone else says it Not really unfair. Stardust gains its effect to negate, but can't be special summoned during end phase if its effect is used.

It works well for AM decks and pretty good staple. This card is basicly just another MBaaS, except its cost is more difficult to fulfill. Doesn't seem like a problem at all. BTW, Gorz should also be banned, as Summoning a giant ATK beatstick that generates a possible stronger token just because a terrible player left his field open is in no way balanced.

Judgment Dragon should be banned shouldn't exist to begin with. While I totally get your point, I'm still going to be a smart ass and point out the fact that having a clear field does not mean you're a bad player. People do get bad hands you know. I disagree. What makes Starlight Road overpowered is that it can Summon a monster for no cost that can negate another destruction effect.

I do agree that people would play it, though. It's a very useful card against mass destruction, just like Solemn Judgment is useful against anything. This card's trigger is just more specific. I like Starlight Road. Finally, decks that once were unplayable because a Heavy Storm screwed their deck can now be played because mass destruction's danger is a little less. To me, that's good for the game because it encourages more deck diversity, even just casually, and as mentioned, has a psychological effect.

After my first run-in with Starlight Road, I was a little more discriminate before thinking "Play Heavy and probably win". OTK-focused decks, often considered the bane of the game, can't simply wait until they get Heavy Storm before they wipe the opponent out, because there's the chance this will go off and stop it, plus add another pest to the field.

If Stardust could still use its effect and revive itself, this thing would be broken beyond belief, instead of just overpowered. Jump to: navigation , search. Torrential Tribute. Reshef of Destruction Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Yu-Gi-Oh!

These Ruling s have not been confirmed as applicable to the TCG. The Chain resolves backwards. If " Scrap Dragon " is destroyed by a Player B's effect like " Dark Hole ", " Torrential Tribute ", etc , then since Player B is not the owner of " Scrap Dragon ", neither player will be able to activate the effect of " Scrap Dragon " when it is sent to the Graveyard.

References: [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28]. So you cannot activate " Torrential Tribute " when " Jinzo " is Summoned. This prohibits " Torrential Tribute " from being used against monsters Special Summoned by " Mystic Tomato ", " Giant Rat ", " Nimble Momonga ", " Masked Dragon ", and other such cards that Special Summon a monster when destroyed as a result of battle, as well as " Cyber Jar " or " Morphing Jar 2 " that is flipped face-up by an attack.

Mentions in Other Rulings Amplifier : If you have " Jinzo with Amplifier " [ sic ], your Trap Cards are not negated and their effects are applied, including Celestial Transformation : You can activate " Torrential Tribute " after a monster is Special Summoned with the effect of " Celestial Transformation ". You should announce this immediately after your Summon.

Once you allow your opponent to activate " Torrential Tribute " you are acknowledging that the Summon was successful and you cannot activate " Forced Back ". Gemini monster : When you have a Gemini monster already face-up on the field, you may use your Normal Summon to turn on the effect of the Gemini monster, making it an Effect Monster on the field.

Gladiator Beast : You can activate " Torrential Tribute ", Greenkappa : You can chain to the effect of " Greenkappa ", even with the targeted Spell or Trap Cards. If only 1 of the 2 cards is chained, " Greenkappa " will still resolve and destroy the other. If " Greenkappa " is destroyed in a chain to its effect such as with " Torrential Tribute " its effect still resolves.

Starlight road vs torrential tribute linienarten vector works torrent


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Don't ask me for it. It's free for all. You can, if you want, to place my name at the bottom of it : and just don't hurt anybody with it, ok? Survivor 3x D. RED, M. No Traps! Survivor 3 D. Warrior Lady 3 D. Survivor 3 Gravekeeper's Spy 3 D.

Warrior Lady 3x D. Y FI 2 Summon Reactor. SK 2 Spell Reactor. Warrior Lady 1 D. Assailant 3 D. Warrior Lady 2 D. Knight 1 St. Survivor 3 Golden Homunculus 3 D. In the end though, I finally just used the slot for more real traps. Now, moving on to the Extra Deck, there are a few changes I want to make here.

There are only a few cuts, so we only get to add five cards to the deck. This deck is very similar to the Wind-up, or Tinplate deck in that it can have a pretty slow start, but once it gets going, it gets going. I also wanted to make some changes to the Extra Deck, earlier I cut 2 cards. This was to make room for the Stardust Dragon required from Starlight Road, but also to make room for Number Shark Drake, who in my experience comes up quite a bit.

This is definitely an interesting take on the tempo monster that is Chain Beat. The burn package is definitely an interesting way of closing games. The big thing that stands out to me here is how few ways you actually have to kill opposing monsters, and thus, get attacks in on your opponent. I have a couple ideas for that though, so hear me out. It usually functions as another Torrential Tribute, but with the added benefit of being chainable which makes it very nice versus Infernity.

I spoke earlier about wanting to add a different continuous trap. Versus Water the same basic idea as with Dragons applies, in response to a Megalo, you flip emptiness and trap the Megalo in their hand. Chain Emptiness. Sphere is another really annoying card for this deck, and Emptiness deals with that very efficiently as well.

As far as your sidedeck goes, D. Seems like a swap that can be made in the board pretty easily. Shop by Department. Log In Register Account. Deck Doctor Hunders and Chain Beat. May 22, Deck List.

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