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steve grody chi sao torrent

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steve grody chi sao torrent

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Trapping principles from two hand reference points a. One hand outside b. One hand outside, one inside c. Two hand inside d. Two hand outside Basic beginning follow-up combinations a. Straight blast b. Pak sao-Da c.

Lop sao-Da d. Jut Sao both hands, Rt. Cross trap, Lan sao elbow drop trap Lt. Pak sao to Lop sao same arm h. Lop sao, pull arm around waist, left hand grab it from behind, ankle pick to throw forward! Development of Swing Gate Drill ; a. Lop sao, Lt. Lop sao-da to Lop sao-da 3. Stop kick to shin-knee, with foot work; a. Step and slide c. Stop kick to trapping see reference points 3. Stop kick to trapping to locking 4. Stop kick to trapping to grappling takedowns Entries to grappling 1. Lop sao to Lan sao-da to front twist to rear choke 2.

Lop sao-da to double leg takedown 3. Lop sao-da to trap to chicken wing 4. Lop sao-da to crossover to armlock 5. Lop sao-da to trap arm around waist with ankle pick takedown to shomach 6. Lop sao-da to trap lead arm around waist, from behind reach around pull out on both knees, head push to tailbone takedown to stomach free lance follow ups 7.

Lop sao to ear strike, forearm across throat to rear choke, kick knee out takedown to three point position, shin against opponent back, drill at controling opponent movement in this position. Watch for mass attack! Defenses for jabs and crosses-kicking range 1.

Front hand parry, low side kick- to single leg pick 2. Front hand parry low side kick, low round kick- body clinch 3. Parry, side kick, spin back kick- low shoot to high clinch 4. Parry, side kick, spin back kick, backfist, they block, lop sao straight blast- off balance backwards Nubreed: Apprentice Level 1 under John Daniels Intermediate Level 1 under Ron Balicki Advanced student under Sifu Bustillo.

Jun Fan Juk Tek series First six 1. Ha pak - biu jee, O'tek, cross-hook-cross, 2 kicks 2. O'ou Sao - rear, O'tek, lead O'tek, 2 kicks 5. Kow Sao- front jik tek, C-H-C, 2 kicks 6. Face the kick: C -H-C, 2 kick follow up 2. Face the kick: rear leg O'tek, H-C-H, 2 kick 3.

Shoulder roll: H-C-H, 2 kick 4. Shoulder roll: rear leg O'tek, C-H-C, 2 kicks 5. Evade the kick lead kick : rear leg O'tek, C-h-C, 2 kicks 6. Evade the kick rear kick : rear leg O'tek, C-H-C, 2 kicks 7. O'ou sao: double O'tek to C-H-C, 2 kicks 8.

O'ou sao: rear O'tek, C-H-C, 2 kicks. Joined Nov 2, Messages 13 Reaction score 1. Roelario1 White Belt. It's situated in Leuven, Belgium. I have worked very hard and trained weekly for 7 to 8 hours in martial arts. I want to prepare myself for my level I, yellow belt in Jeet Kun Do. But there are some terms I don't find are haven't been teached yet. I prefer to search them up via other sources, so my teacher sees that I take it serieus.

Is there someone who can explaine me the following terms: Basic Kicking: - Jik tek? Bi joung? Defense: peek a boo? Trapping: Ping Choy? Jik gern? Ung Moon: 1 to 10? I hope there is someone who can tell me more about them. Thanks, aRnOELd. Richard Bustillo IMB Academy Phase Training There was never a real syllabus that was taught to anyone person, you was always taught in ranges, and you just used what you wanted to teach in each phase.

Sifu Bustillo teaches phases at his school in California. What he taught was never fixed in any real order. Like JKD he just went with the flow. The highly effective art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shooto wrestling, catch as catch can wrestling, Judo and Jujitsu gives a wide variety of position and submission training methods, which strengthen an individual's ability to defend themselves from the ground and standing.

The intermediate stage continues with the lines of attack for the numbering system of many different styles of KEA for defence and disarming techniques. Pormas or forms are added to enhance weapon control and handling. Advance stage is the sparring training of single or multiple attacks. Weapons against empty hand sparring is also introduced at this level Self-discovery range Jeet Kune Do is the philosophies, concepts and training methods of Bruce Lee - increasing an individual's awareness through the understanding of their own personal abilities and limitations Here is what I came up with myself after hours of training with Bustillo?

Basic and fundamentals are taught at this level. The close range grapple of floor exercises and basics techniques are taught. The Phase 2 J. Hand Immobilization Attack HIA and its counterpart Foot Immobilization attack , which make use of trapping to limit the opponent's function with that appendage. Attacking one part of the opponent's body followed by attacking another part as a means of creating an opening.

This is using multiple rapid attacks, with volume of attack as a means of overcoming the opponent. This is creating an opening with positioning as a means of counter attacking. Intermediate Stick fighting drills and concepts. The close range JKD standing grappling, and floor exercises and intermediate ground grappling techniques are taught. The Phase 3. This is a level where advanced students are given an opportunity to advance to the Apprentice Instructor Level.

Advanced Stick fighting drills principles and concepts. The close range standing grappling, and floor exercises and advanced ground grappling techniques are taught. An introduction to Kalis Ilustrisimo sword and dagger training The Inosanto method of phase training phases four through six More single and double stick drills More single and double knife drills Development of attributes specific to long weapon vs.

There are 4 phases of self-preservation training: in Progressive Fighting Systems Phase One: A general conditioning and general awareness phase. The goal during this phase of training is to develop the students attributes and overall awareness. There is alot of light contact sparring and use of training equipment. This phase of training lasts 6 to 12 months. Students learn specific trapping drills for boxers, kick boxers, as well as karate and kung-fu practitioners.

Eventually, the training session leads up to a point where students will spar in the trapping range with bag gloves and head gear. Students will still practice Jun Fan kickboxing. However students spar more intensively. Additionally, the students will learn how to set up their kick and punches through the use of strategy what Bruce Lee called the Five ways of Attack: 1.

Attack by Combination, 3. Attack by Drawing, 4. Progressive Indirect Attack, 5. Hand and Foot Immobilization Attack. Adding to the physical portion of the training, students will also learn how to control their emotions during this phase. They will learn how to turn on and off certain emotions specific to trapping. The trapping phase is the heart and soul of JKD.

It is a range which most people feel uncomfortable. Phase two training will last 6 to 12 months. Phase Three- This phase of training focuses on the stick and knife fighting methods from the Philippines. The training curriculum involves single and double stick, single and double knife training, espada y daga stick and knife.

The intensity of the drills and sparring will increase. This Phase will last 6 to 12 months. Phase Four- This phase of training focuses on standing grappling and ground fighting, as well as the integration of all ranges. Once proficiency is achieved in each range of fighting the student must now integrate the different ranges: kicking vs. Boxing Boxing vs. Students must also incorporate environmental training.

Students will learn to flow from one range to the other without thought. Training will last 9 to 12 months. By the end of the 4 phases of training each student has hundreds of hours sparring in each range of fighting. You now can apply Bruce Lee's greatest concept : Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own".

Endest the sermon. The JKD we do is not just for fighting anyone can fight and be a hoodlum or punk you most have principle and a philosophy behind an art, because that's what sets us apart from the hoodlums and punks of society. Pad training - utilising the use of focus pads, Thai pads, kick shields, various punch bags including 5 foot and 6 foot thai bags, lb kick bag, uppercut bags etc.

All of the aforementioned equipment aids in the developments of attributes such as timing, power, conditioning, combinational techniques and stamina. F flexibility program. Jump rope training, shadowboxing and circuit training program etc. Comparisons of techniques - positional submission fighting using ground fighting skills utilised from Brazilian ju-jitsu, combat submission wrestling, ju-jitsu, shoot wrestling, vale tudo etc.

Within this range we use 2 methods of training - Bruce Lee's method circa and the filipino method. Either method has variable approach but is taken in a different perspective. With Bruce Lee's method you would learn primarily to immobilise the opponent in order to control the centerline.

Within the filipino method you would be more concerned with destroying the limbs while moving to an advantageous position. Therefore our primary objective is the willingness to research the martial arts, in order to adapt to any combat range that is required. Hi All, Because of Covid , some of my instructional DVDs are temporarily unavailable, so anyone interested in purchasing my instructional DVDs, write to me first at stevegrody gmail.

A number of them are also available through Amazon as DVDs or streaming. Best, Steve. Wednesday, July 10, Knife Training! Let me know Nothing held back. Monday, December 10, Notes on the Jeet Tek. In one variation, the bottom of your foot is at a 45 degree angle to the surface you are contacting. Also, your upper body, having not turned, is quick to the follow up with hands. In both cases, it is important to get a good contact with the arch of the foot rather than the ball.

They are both very workable. That is, if using a slide and step to advance the kick, however bent your leg is in your stance, coordinate the straightening of the leg with the impact of your kick to get added force. Friday, November 30, Disrespectful Me. First, what is my primary loyalty to? A particular system and the social dynamics that keeps things bounded? But the loyalty to a system and its logic is one of the most unfortunate, if understandable, impediments to progress.

People love belonging to a group and having that identity and salability. Very human. Then there are other problems, such as the natural simplification of curriculum so that the average person can feel like they are making progress through memorization and various skill sets even if that curriculum does not adequately address intrinsic complexity, i. Another problem is open instruction versus secrecy. That is, the most efficient and useful material is often held back in the name of a traditional curriculum.

Also in the unacknowledged name of making money: if your primary goal is keeping people around for as long as possible rather than making them as functional as quickly as possible, then by all means have an extensive elaborate curriculum and obscure what is most important. Hypothetical: If a close relative were going to have to be in a serious knife confrontation in a month or two, how would you train them?

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