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There could be beauty in the settings. A rough version of The Sorcerer's Apprentice was also shown that, according to one attendee, had the crowd applauding and cheering "until their hands were red". Clair de Lune was soon removed from the Fantasia program, but Disney and his writers encountered problems of setting a concrete story to Cydalise.

Its opening march, "The Entry of the Little Fauns", attracted Disney to the piece which at first provided suitable depictions of fauns he wanted. On January 5, , following a search for a stronger piece to fit the mythological theme, the piece was replaced with sections of Beethoven's sixth symphony. He was also concerned about the reception from classical music enthusiasts who would criticize Disney for venturing too far from the composer's intent.

Stuart Buchanan then held a contest at the studio for a title that produced almost 1, suggestions including Bach to Stravinsky and Bach and Highbrowski by Stokowski. Still, the favorite among the film's supervisors was Fantasia , an early working title that had even grown on Horne, "It isn't the word alone but the meaning we read into it.

Over 1, artists and technicians were used in the making of Fantasia , [40] which features more than animated characters. The different pieces of film were then spliced together to form a complete print. Disney had been interested in producing abstract animation since he saw A Colour Box by Len Lye from He explained the work done in the Toccata and Fugue was "no sudden idea Upon review of three leica reels produced by the two, Disney rejected all three. According to Huemer all Fishinger "did was little triangles and designs Too dinky, Walt said.

Feeling his designs were too abstract for a mass audience, [14] Fishinger left the studio in apparent despair, before the segment was completed, in October He drew with a music score pinned to his desk to work out the choreography so he could relate the action to the melody and the counterpoint, "those nasty little notes underneath An Arabian dancer was also brought in to study the movements for the goldfish in Arab Dance.

Animation on The Sorcerer's Apprentice began on January 21, , when James Algar , the director of the segment, assigned animator Preston Blair to work on the scene when Mickey Mouse wakes from his dream. An early concept for Rite of Spring was to extend the story to the age of mammals and the first humans and the discovery of fire and man's triumph.

John Hubley , the segment's art director, explained that it was later curtailed by Disney to avoid controversy from creationists , who promised to make trouble should he connect evolution with humans. According to Ward Kimball , the animators were "extremely specific on touchy issues". In the making of The Pastoral Symphony Greek mythological segment, the female centaurs were originally drawn bare-breasted, but the Hays office enforcing the Motion Picture Production Code insisted that they discreetly hung garlands around the necks.

Dance of the Hours was directed by Norman Ferguson and Thornton Hee and was completed by eleven animators. Its story, direction, layout, and animation underwent several rewrites, yet Disney wanted to present animals perform a legitimate caricature ballet sequence with comedic "slips". Disney then gave Hench season tickets to the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo with backstage access so he could learn more about it.

The studio filmed several people in live action to help with the animation of the characters. The lead ostrich, Madmoiselle Upanova, is based on Irina Baronova. Night on Bald Mountain was directed by Wilfred Jackson. Its story closely follows the descriptions that Mussorgsky had written on his original score of the tone poem. Despite Hurter never producing animation for Disney, the studio temporarily hired him to produce pencil sketches for the animators to gain inspiration from.

He then got Jackson to pose shirtless which gave him the images he needed. The film's program reads that Ave Maria provides "an emotional relief to audiences tense from the shock" of Night on Bald Mountain. The lyrics to Ave Maria were sung by Julietta Novis. Disney wanted to experiment in more sophisticated sound recording and reproduction techniques for Fantasia.

We wanted to reproduce such beautiful masterpieces The stage was altered acoustically with double plywood semi-circular partitions that separated the orchestra into five sections to increase reverberation. On January 18, , Stokowski signed an eighteen-month contract with Disney to conduct the remaining pieces with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Each one represented an audio channel that focused on a different section of instruments: cellos and basses, violins, brass, violas, and woodwinds and tympani.

The seventh channel was a combination of the first six while the eighth provided an overall sound of the orchestra at a distance. The Disney brothers contacted David Sarnoff of RCA regarding the manufacture of a new system that would "create the illusion that the actual symphony orchestra is playing in the theater.

Fantasound, developed in part by Disney engineer William Garity , employed two projectors running at the same time. With one containing the picture film with a mono soundtrack for backup purposes, the other ran a sound film that was mixed from the nine tracks recorded at the Academy to four: three of which contained the audio for the left, center, and right stage speakers respectively, while the fourth became a control track with amplitude and frequency tones that drove variable-gain amplifiers to control the volume of the three audio tracks.

For this, a tone-operated gain-adjusting device was built to control the levels of each of the three audio tracks through the amplifiers. The illusion of sound traveling across the speakers was achieved with a device named the " pan pot ", which directed the predetermined movement of each audio channel with the control track. Mixing of the soundtrack required six people to operate the various pan pots in real time, while Stokowski directed each level and pan change which was marked on his musical score.

To monitor recording levels, Disney used oscilloscopes with color differentiation to minimize eye fatigue. RKO balked at the idea of distributing Fantasia , which it described as a "longhair musical", [86] and believed its duration of two hours and five minutes plus intermission was too long for a general release. A total of thirteen roadshows were held across the United States; each involving two daily screenings with seat reservations booked in advance at higher prices and a fifteen-minute intermission.

Disney hired film salesman Irving Ludwig to manage the first eleven engagements, [89] who was given specific instructions regarding each aspect of the film's presentation, including the setup of outside theater marquees and curtain and lighting cues. Patrons were taken to their seats by staff hired and trained by Disney, [90] and were given a program booklet illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa. The remaining twelve roadshows were held throughout , which included a week run [95] at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles from January Disney allowed RKO to handle the general release of Fantasia , but fought their decision to have the film cut.

He gave in as the studio needed as much income as possible to remedy its finances, but refused to cut it himself, "You can get anybody you want to edit it I can't do it. RKO reissued Fantasia once more on September 1, , with the animated sequences complete and the scenes of Taylor, Stokowski, and the orchestra restored but shortened.

Its running time was restored to one hour and fifty-five minutes. This edit would be the standard form for subsequent re-releases, and was the basis for the restoration. I had Fantasia set for a wide screen. I had dimensional sound To get that wide screen I had the projector running sideways I had the double frame. But I didn't get to building my cameras or my projectors because the money problem came in The compromise was that it finally went out standard with dimensional sound.

I think if I'd had the money and I could have gone ahead I'd have a really sensational show at that time. Walt Disney on the widescreen release in By , the original sound negatives began to deteriorate, though a four-track copy had survived in good condition. Using the remaining Fantasound system at the studio, a three-track stereo copy was transferred across noise-free telephone wires onto magnetic film at an RCA facility in Hollywood.

This was achieved by placing the cues that controlled the mechanism on a separate track in addition to the three audio channels. Only selected parts of the animation were stretched, while all live action scenes remained unchanged. On February 20, , Fantasia was re-released in both standard and SuperScope versions with stereo sound, though existing records are unclear.

Its running time was fifty-six seconds longer than the previous issue which is unexplained. Fantasia was issued on a regular basis, typically for exhibition in art houses in college towns, until the mids. The film was reissued nationwide once more on April 15, the same year as Stokowski's death , this time with simulated stereo sound. It had not been removed earlier as the credit sequence would have required to be re-shot. A two-and-a-half-minute reduction in the film's running time in this version remains unclear in existing records.

In , the studio shipped a damaged segment of The Nutcracker Suite to various film restoration companies; each advised that the sound recording could not be upgraded to a quality suitable for theatre screenings. Disney executive Ron W. Miller said that the original had degraded and "no longer matched the extraordinary visuals.

The new recording also corrected a two-frame lag in projection caused by the recording techniques used at the time the film was made. The version was reissued from February , which kicked off with a run at the Plitt Century Plaza Theatre in Los Angeles that was fitted with the HPS digital speaker system. This allowed the digital stereo recording of the Kostal soundtrack to be presented for the first time, and made Fantasia the first theatrical feature film presented in digital stereo sound.

For its fiftieth anniversary reissue, Fantasia underwent a two-year restoration process that began with a six-month search to locate the original negatives, which had been in storage since , and piece them together. This was the first time since then that a print of the film had been prepared using the original negative and not a copy.

As the original opening shots of Rite of Spring could not be found, footage from the Disney educational film A World is Born , which used footage from the segment, was used instead. This was also the case for a sequence in The Pastoral Symphony , so a duplicate was used. He estimated 3, pops and hisses were removed from the recording. Disney considered releasing the film's soundtrack around the time of the film's roadshow release, but this idea was not realized.

In the United States, it debuted the Billboard chart at number , its peak position, for the week of November 17, In January , it was certified platinum for sales in excess of one million copies. Fantasia has received four home video releases.

The release was limited to just 50 days, prompting 9. The "Deluxe Edition" package included the film, a "making of" feature, a commemorative lithograph , a page booklet, a two-disc soundtrack of the Stokowski score, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Roy E. Disney , the nephew of Walt. In November , Fantasia was released on video for the second time, this time along with Fantasia , on DVD with 5. The films were issued both separately and in a three-disc set called The Fantasia Anthology.

A variety of bonus features were included in the bonus disc, The Fantasia Legacy. This edition attempted to follow as closely as possible the runtime and format of the original roadshow version, and included additional restored live action footage of Taylor and the orchestra, including the bookends to the film's intermission.

Fantasia was withdrawn from release and returned to the " Disney Vault " moratorium on April 30, In , both films, along with the compilation Celebrating Mickey , a collection of 13 Mickey Mouse shorts, were reissued on DVD, Blu-ray, and digitally as part of the U. Fantasia garnered significant critical acclaim at the time of release and was seen by some critics as a masterpiece.

He stated that Fantasia was "caviar to the general, ambrosia and nectar for the intelligentsia" and considered the film to be "courageous beyond belief". Fantasia dumps conventional formulas overboard and reveals the scope of films for imaginative excursion As the music sweeps to a climax, it froths over the proscenium arch, boils into the rear of the theatre, all but prances up and down the aisles.

Pribble left amazed at the "brilliantly-attired audience", while Tinee felt the film was "beautiful It is stupendous. It is colossal. It is an overwhelmingly ambitious orgy of color, sound, and imagination. Those who adopted a more negative view at the time of the film's release came mostly from the classical music community. Many found fault with Stokowski's rearrangements and abridgements of the music. Igor Stravinsky , the only living composer whose music was featured in the film, expressed displeasure at how in Stokowski's arrangement of The Rite of Spring , "the order of the pieces had been shuffled, and the most difficult of them eliminated", and criticized the orchestra's performance, observing that the simplification of the score "did not save the musical performance, which was execrable".

Composer and music critic Virgil Thomson praised Fantasound which he thought offered "good transmission of music", but disliked the "musical taste" of Stokowski, with exception to The Sorcerer's Apprentice and The Rite of Spring. Thompson claimed that she "left the theater in a condition bordering on nervous breakdown", because the film was a "remarkable nightmare". Thompson went on to compare the film to rampant Nazism, which she described as "the abuse of power" and "the perverted betrayal of the best instincts".

Thompson also claimed that the film depicted nature as being "titanic" while man was only "a moving lichen on the stone of time". She concluded that the film was "cruel", "brutal and brutalizing", and a negative "caricature of the Decline of the West". In fact, Thompson claimed that she was so distraught by the film that she even walked out of it before she saw the two last segments, Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria , because she did not want to be subject to any more of the film's "brutalization".

The website's consensus reads, "A landmark in animation and a huge influence on the medium of music video , Disney's Fantasia is a relentlessly inventive blend of the classics with phantasmagorical images. Religion writer Mark I. Pinsky considers Fantasia to be one of the more problematic of Disney's animated features in that it was intended as much as for adults as children and not what people had come to expect. Hawkins, and the RCA Manufacturing Company for their "outstanding contribution to the advancement of the use of sound in motion pictures through the production of Fantasia ", and the other to Stokowski "and his associates for their unique achievement in the creation of a new form of visualized music in Walt Disney's production Fantasia , thereby widening the scope of the motion picture as entertainment and as an art form".

The film ranked number 58 in Years In April , the Irish Film Censor insisted the film cut Taylor's scientific introduction to The Rite of Spring due to its "materialistic portrayal of the origins of life". In the late s, four shots from The Pastoral Symphony were removed that depicted two characters in a racially stereotyped manner.

A black centaurette called Sunflower was depicted polishing the hooves of a white centaurette, and a second named Otika appeared briefly during the procession scenes with Bacchus and his followers. Disney had wanted Fantasia to be an ongoing project, with a new edition being released every few years. Another segment, Debussy's Clair de lune , was developed as part of the film's original program. After being completely animated, it was cut out of the final film to shorten its lengthy running time.

The animation depicted two Great white herons flying through the Florida Everglades on a moonlit night, with more focus towards the segment's background art than the animation. In , a workprint of the original was discovered and Clair de Lune was restored, complete with the original soundtrack of Stokowski with the Philadelphia Orchestra. It may run 10, 20 or 30 years. It may run after I'm gone. Fantasia is an idea in itself. I can never build another Fantasia.

I can improve. I can elaborate. That's all. In , the Los Angeles Times reported that Wolfgang Reitherman and Mel Shaw had begun work on Musicana , "an ambitious concept mixing jazz, classical music, myths, modern art and more, following the old Fantasia format". Proposed segments for the film included a battle between an ice god and a sun goddess set to Finlandia by Sibelius, one set in the Andes to the songs of Yma Sumac , another featuring caricatures of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald and an adaptation of The Emperor's Nightingale which would have featured Mickey as the nightingale's owner, similar to his role in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The project was shelved in favor of Mickey's Christmas Carol. Roy E. Disney , the nephew of Walt, co-produced Fantasia which entered production in and features seven new segments performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with conductor James Levine. Fantasia premiered at Carnegie Hall on December 17, as part of a five-city live concert tour, followed by a four-month engagement in IMAX cinemas [] and a wide release in regular theatres, in Early development for a third film began in , with a working title of Fantasia The short features Elmer Fudd [] in the role of Taylor, wearing his styled glasses, who introduces two segments set to pieces by Johann Strauss Tales from the Vienna Woods and the Blue Danube Waltz , the former featuring Porky and Bugs and the latter featuring Daffy.

The animated television series The Simpsons references Fantasia in a few episodes. Matt Groening , the creator of the series, expressed a wish to make a parody film named Simpstasia ; it was never produced, partly because it would have been too difficult to write a feature-length script. In , BBC Music created a music education scheme similar to Fantasia called Ten Pieces , intended to introduce children to classical music.

Spanning two films in and , several pieces featured in the Fantasia films are also included. The film Teen Titans Go! The structure was of the magic hat from The Sorcerer's Apprentice. For the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris , Mickey was depicted in a special version of his Sorcerer's Apprentice outfit with his friends wearing similar outfits.

In , Atari released a game called Sorcerer's Apprentice for the Atari , based on that segment of Fantasia. The player, as Mickey Mouse, must collect falling stars and comets which will prevent the marching brooms from flooding Yen Sid's cavern. The player controls Mickey Mouse, who must find missing musical notes scattered across four elemental worlds based upon the film's segments. There are several film reel levels based on some of the movie's segments such as Sorcerer's Apprentice and Night on Bald Mountain that appear in the Epic Mickey games.

Yen Sid and Chernabog also make cameo appearances in the games Yen Sid the sorcerer from The Sorcerer's Apprentice narrates the openings and endings of the two games and served as the creator of the Wasteland. The game utilizes the Kinect device to put players in control of music in a manner similar to Harmonix' previous rhythm games, affecting the virtual environment and interactive objects within it.

The game features licensed contemporary rock music such as Queen and Bruno Mars. Mickey, in his Sorcerer's Apprentice guise, appears as a playable character in Disney Infinity. A live concert presentation of the film named Disney Fantasia: Live in Concert , showcases various segments from both Fantasia and Fantasia The concert version features a live symphony orchestra and piano soloist accompanying projected high definition video segments. The Fantasia concert was still touring throughout the world as late as Several elements from the film appear in television series Once Upon a Time.

As the series progressed, the hat was shown to have the ability to absorb others, and those it absorbed would appear as a star on the hat. The Sorcerer's Apprentice himself makes an appearance, where he is an old man who guards the hat in the Enchanted Forest. Musical score conducted by Leopold Stokowski.

Performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra , except as noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hee Norman Ferguson Wilfred Jackson. Joe Grant Dick Huemer. Walt Disney Ben Sharpsteen. Leopold Stokowski Deems Taylor. Walt Disney Productions. Release date. November 13, Running time. Main article: Fantasound. See also: Disney animators' strike. Musical score: The Nutcracker Suite Op. Musical score: Symphony No. Miller Lorna S. Johnston Jr. Youngquist and Harry Hamsel. Shull, Robert W. Carlson Jr.

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